American History Resources

We developed Dave Raymond’s American History to be an exciting exploration of our nation’s history from a Christian worldview. 
We know some homeschool parents want additional history resources to expand on subjects covered in lectures, so we have collected audio stories, portfolio examples, printables, and blog posts to assist you in teaching history. Browse our free American History Resources by category, or download them all with our Free American History Homeschool Bundle.

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Portfolio Examples

The weekly portfolio is an important part of the American History class.
Download this PDF to see some real examples from a former student.

Other American History Resources

*blog article about using songs to memorize facts 

  • Presidents: 10 Little Indians
  • 44 Presidents Rap – If your student is older and thinks Ten Little Indians is a little below them, try turning the list of presidents into a jig or a rap.
  • Professional American Presidents – If your child is a bit precocious or you want them to learn more than just a list, try adding some historical background to the string of people or facts to give them a little more historical context.
  • First Five Presidents
  • Fifty States Rhyme – When in doubt, use RHYME! Songs that rhyme are remembered far more easily than even familiar tunes or songs with a beat. But if you combine rhyme, familiarity, and beat, your student is sure to learn and have a great time making music in the process!
  • Thanksgiving Song

*blog article about games 

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