How I Homeschool

How I Homeschool


Three homeschool moms share their insight from years of homeschooling. Learn from their answers to common questions. Get unstuck with experienced advice.


New to homeschooling? These moms can help. Their kids range from toddlers to college freshmen, and they’ve homeschooled all of them. But just like you they started out with hundreds of questions:

    • “Can I actually teach my child to read?”
    • “Is it possible to homeschool teenagers?”
    • “What does a typical day look like?”
    • “What are the first practical steps?”

Been homeschooling for a while? These moms can help. Like you, they understand that every year and every child is a new adventure. The questions haven’t stopped coming:

  • “How do I choose learning materials?”
  • “Can I mix homeschooling methods?”
  • “What kind of learner(s) do I have?”
  • “How do I juggle everything?”

You’ll get access to two conversations packed with practical wisdom, delivered by moms with a heart for children.

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Conversation #1

  1. How Do You Homeschool?
  2. Is Homeschooling Just Bringing Work Home?
  3. Can Anyone Educate Their Children?
  4. How Does Homeschooling Socialize Children?
  5. What Are the Different Methods of Homeschooling?
  6. What Are the First Steps of Homeschooling?
  7. What Does Homeschooling Young Children Look Like?
  8. How is Homeschooling About Being Faithful?

Conversation #2

  1. How Can I Teach My Kids at Home?
  2. Do I Have To Be at Home To Homeschool?
  3. What Does a Typical Homeschool Day Look Like?
  4. How Do I Discover How My Child Learns Best?
  5. How Do I Choose Learning Materials?
  6. How Do I Choose A Math Program?
  7. What Kind of Learner Do You Have?
  8. Can You Teach Your Child To Read?
  9. Can You Teach Your Middle Schooler Or High Schooler?
  10. Why Do We Love Homeschooling?

Sample Videos

Read the Transcript

Read the Transcript


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