Jobs at Compass Classroom

We’re looking for talented people to help us in a variety of areas. If you are interested in any of these positions, please send us a note with your qualifications and the reason you think you’d be great for it. If you would be good at multiple positions, please let us know. Apply here.

Marketing Director

Oversee the marketing efforts for Compass Classroom and Is Genesis History?. Will need strong creative and organizational skills, basic familiarity with homeschooling, good writing and communication skills, management abilities, and knowledge of social media/internet marketing. Needs to live in the Middle Tennessee area. (After a probationary part-time period, full-time or 30-hours a week part-time position.)

Curriculum Coordinator & Developer

Oversee the development of all new curriculum as well as update and maintain current curriculum. Includes involvement with video production/planning of classes, teacher’s guides, student books, and content research.  Requires multi-disciplinary knowledge of liberal arts curriculum and excellent writing skills. Attention to detail a must. Understanding of different stages of learning would be helpful. (Part-time to full-time.)

Web Designer

Solid web design skills with the ability to work within a page builder system to create landing pages and other resource pages as necessary (ex. Elementor). Requires a good eye and a sense of layout to create a variety of web pages in WordPress. (15-20hours a week)

Facebook/Instagram/Pinterest Page Manager

Manage our Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest pages by finding, creating, and posting content that would be relevant to a homeschool audience within our Compass Classroom brand. Requires homeschooling experience with ability to communicate well with homeschool moms. (5-10 hours week)

Social Media Design

Create thumbnails and social media images for use on various platforms. Needs good layout and design eye. (5-10 hours week)

Email Manager/Writer

Create and design regular newsletter emails and assist in creating automated emails.  (5-10 hours week)