Economics for Everybody Study Guide Book

Economics Additional Study Guide


Teaching a group or have more than one high school homeschool student learning about Economics?  You’ll need the additional Study Guide to use with the Economics for Everybody video series.  Filled with important information from the lectures and interesting discussion questions, students will want to keep these for future reference.


One guide comes with the set, but you can order additional guides for class members on this page.

The 266p Study Guide includes each lesson in a convenient paragraph format with additional material not included in the videos:

  • Multiple choice, short answer, and discussion questions for each lesson;
  • Scope & Sequence included in the Study Guide for easy curriculum planning;
  • Full answer key included in the book for convenient self-guided study;
  • For Further Reading sections with chapter listings for the 4th Edition of our recommended Basic Economics textbook;
  • Digital study guides have a linked Table of Contents for easy navigation.

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Paperback, Digital (PDF, ePub, Mobi)


Lessons 1 to 5 introduce key economic principles; Lessons 6 and 7 explain the relationships between theology, philosophy, and economics; Lessons 9 to 12 examine the application of economics in real-life systems. Everything in this course fits together, with each lesson generally building on the lesson before it.

  1. And God Created Economics | Stewardship in God’s Image (14:59)
  2. The Economic Problem of Sin | Law, Liberty & Government (19:29)
  3. The Path from Work to Wealth | Production, Property & Tools (20:31)
  4. The Route From Scarcity to Plenty | Money, Markets & Trade (19:38)
  5. The Role of the Entrepreneur | Capital, Calculation & Profit (16:36)
  6. A Tale of Two Theologies, Part 1 | From God to Politics (24:13)
  7. A Tale of Two Theologies, Part 2 | Economic Philosophies & Systems (18:19)
  8. Government Intervention | Basic Principles & Education (18:35)
  9. The Two Mysteries of Monetary Policy | Inflation & Depressions (27:29)
  10. The Welfare & Corporate States of America | The Costs of Redistribution (23:21)
  11. Economics Has Consequences | The Real Effects of Sin (26:05)
  12. Kingdom Economics (14:38)

Sample Study Guide

Sample the Study Guide

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