Grammar for Writers is designed to help students and writers analyze their own writing, diagnose problems, and write better sentences.

*This class is good for one half high school english credit.*

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Grammar for Writers is a video-based, self-paced course designed to help learners feel less fear about getting grammar wrong, and more freedom in the flexibility that English affords.
Jonathan Rogers
Author of The Wilderking Trilogy, The World According to Narnia, and other books.

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This course is a great choice for homeschool families or for independent learners.
Grammar for Writers

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This course is a deep dive into English grammar—but not grammar for its own sake.
The goal is to give learners a mastery of grammar that results directly and immediately in better writing.

Grammar for Writers builds on a native speaker and reader’s instinctive understanding of language in order to demystify English grammar and sentence structure. The course provides very concrete tools to analyze, diagnose, and repair writing problems.

What Families Are Saying

“I was truly amazed by how quickly I was able to identify the problems in my writing and come up with the solutions to fix them. My eyes have been opened wide to one of many truths he has shared: good writing is always about precision, not embellishment.”


“Presented in an excellent, well expressed manner. English is our second language and this course makes it easy to understand the grammar and usage of the language.”

Get the tools your student needs to to analyze, diagnose, and repair writing problems.

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