The Story of Great Music | History and Appreciation

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Turn music history from a daunting subject to an entertaining part of your homeschool with the engaging performances and accessible writing of this course.

Class only available in monthly subscription format.


NOTE: The first 11 of 14 lessons of this course are ready. You are welcome to start the lessons now; more will be added each month. This is an experimental class for us in that we are combining videos, written materials, and quizzes in a new way. We would appreciate you giving feedback about your experience in our Music subject group or on this brief survey.

Take an exciting tour through the development of Western music. This new online class merges the history of composers and their works with engaging video performances. It also provides audio playlists and recommendations for building your own listening library of classical music.

We designed this course for students without any musical training. But it can also provide a robust historical guide for music students wanting to connect the dots between periods, composers, instruments, and performance styles.

The course could fill a fine arts elective for high school students, provide a handy chronological reference for parents who want curated playlists for family listening, or serve as a pre- or post-concert guide to your next family musical outing.

  • In-depth written materials on each musical period and composer of note through the beginning of the twentieth century
  • High-quality performances of the music
  • Quizzes and research projects
  • Audio and video playlists and recommended recordings

Credit: 1/2 HS Elective Credit (fine art, music, art appreciation, humanities)

License: This product is licensed per family.  For group or coop usage, each family will need to purchase a subscription.

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  1. The Renaissance
  2. The Early Baroque Era
  3. Handel and Bach: Vocal Music
  4. Handel & Bach: Instrumental Music
  5. The Classical Era: Haydn and Mozart
  6. The Classical Era: Haydn and Mozart, cont.
  7. The Classical Era: Beethoven
  8. The Romantic Era: Early Romantic
  9. The Romantic Era: Piano & Composers
  10. The Romantic Era: Wagner & Opera
  11. The Romantic Era: Chamber Music & Symphony
  12. The Romantic Era: National Composers
  13. The Romantic Era: Italian Opera
  14. The Modern Era: Austrian Late Romanticism & French Impressionism
  15. The Modern Era: Rachmaninoff, Prokofiev & Shostakovich
  16. The Modern Era: Sibelius & Elgar & Gershwin

Lessons include some or all of the following steps in our Learning Management System:

  • Read a background essay which takes you through the development of music over the centuries
  • Watch live video performances curated from the web
  • Review a Summary of the lesson and new Vocabulary
  • Complete Quizzes in listening and vocabulary
  • Complete a project or research
  • Go deeper with video and audio playlists for continued learning on the go


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