An insightful study of economic principles that links entrepreneurship with lemonade and Charlie Chaplin with supply and demand. Your homeschool student will develop an understanding of economic freedom, inflation, stewardship, and the roles of trade and markets.

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In this series, we are going to look at how God, in His grace, gives us our daily bread. My prayer is that you will not just come away with a better understanding of how God has ordered His world, but that you will, in turn, become a more faithful steward, remembering that "the earth is the Lord’s, and the fullness thereof."

RC Sproul, Jr.

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For 10th-12th grades, pair the course with our recommended textbook for a full high school credit.

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Economics for Everybody Homeschool Set


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Economics for Everybody can be paired with another economics textbook as a more in-depth study for students with worldview training (10th/11th/12th graders). We recommend Basic Economics Fourth Edition by Carson and Cleveland.


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“I have to admit…THIS program is what all schools need to use. It is Biblically based but still, it is important. The way it is done….I can’t say enough good things about it. I love the videos. I love the study guide. I love how the questions are done. I like that I have it as a download because I can print pages as I need without photocopying a book (cleaner neater looking for their notebooks).”


“I strongly recommend this curriculum for highschool students. Other economics curriculum, especially on the college campuses, tend to omit God’s principles. What a great opportunity for our students to get a chance to take this class from Dr. Sproul. I truly believe that they have hit another home run with Economics for Everybody.”


Thoroughly unconventional, it links entrepreneurship with lemonade, cartoons with markets, and Charlie Chaplin with supply and demand.

This product is part of our Big Spring Sale!

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“I think Economics for Everybody should be shown on national TV right now!”


“… Economics for Everybody has incredible practical value for the individual, the family, the church, and the state… [It] teaches basic laws of reality that impact how we govern and manage every area of our lives.”


“Great way to introduce your children to economics! Extremely informative and easy to understand. I highly recommend it.”


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