Basic Economics


In this up-to-date 4th edition of Basic Economics, homeschool students are introduced to the key principles of economics in a clearly understandable format, while maintaining a Christian worldview. In addition to historical examples of famous economists, each chapter includes a personal finance section that instructs students on practical information regarding budgeting, debt, and credit.

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A high school economics textbook to accompany Economics for Everybody and which presents economics in a clearly understandable fashion from a Christian worldview. The textbook is designed for use by the student. Digital teacher’s guides are sold directly from the publisher.

From author Paul Cleveland: “Clarence Carson first published Basic Economics in 1988. His intent, as was his intent with all his books, was to distill the subject of economics down to its fundamental principles, to present those to the reader in an easily understandable fashion, and to warn the reader of what will happen when people fail to adhere to those principles by providing a clear history of the failures of past cultures.”

This is unapologetically a different approach than the one taken by most other economics texts. The goal is to understand the universal principles that govern economic activity. These principles are the foundation for evaluating public policy proposals being put forward by politicians and the media. This course is not going to teach the math behind economic modeling that is typically covered in Common Core and the AP micro- and macroeconomics tests. Instead it will prepare students to see the limitations of it.

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Paul Cleveland & Clarence Carson


1/2 HS Economics


Hardback, 378 pp.



What's Inside

Format Features

  • 8.5 x 11 format with some chapters shortened
  • Hardback, 378 pp.
  • Key terms defined in margins
  • Important principles summarized in pull-out boxes
  • Improved Review Questions
  • Bios of key individuals included where they are mentioned in the text
  • At least two Getting the Point questions added per chapter, which make for great discussion starters
  • Two page Study Guide at the end of each chapter that includes:
    • a half page Chapter Summary
    • Points of Emphasis list
    • Identification Terms list
    • Review Questions
    • Activities
    • Suggested books and Articles For Further Study
    • Teacher’s Guide is NOT included, but can be purchased as a PDF on the Boundary Stone website.

Publisher: Boundary Stone


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