Basic Economics


A high school economics textbook to accompany Economics for Everybody. Presents economics in a clearly understandable fashion from a Christian worldview. (This is the 3rd Edition.)

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A high school economics textbook infused with a Christian worldview.

From author Paul Cleveland: “Clarence Carson first published Basic Economics in 1988. His intent, as was his intent with all his books, was to distill the subject of economics down to its fundamental principles, to present those to the reader in an easily understandable fashion, and to warn the reader of what will happen when people fail to adhere to those principles by providing a clear history of the failures of past cultures.

“My purpose in revising the book in this third edition is exactly the same. Just as Clarence knew that our own culture was straying from the sound principles of political economics, I too recognize our continued abandonment of them. Western culture has indeed spit upon the veritable truths that served as the foundation for its growth which resulted in the most prosperous economy of all time.
“It is in this recognition that the cover art for the book was chosen. The Rembrandt painting chosen here is titled, Return of the Prodigal Son. The subject is, of course, taken from Jesus’ story of the prodigal son. The son had left his home and gone off and squandered his inheritance in riotous living. He had only come to his senses later when he found himself slopping hogs for a pig farmer. In his poverty he finally returned home to beg for forgiveness. Overjoyed at the boy’s return, the father forgives the young man and returns him to his former status.Recognizing that God is a forgiving God, we should recognize that the fortunes of America can rise anew if we humble ourselves. Part of that humility can come when we recognize together our wandering away from the many political and economic truths that were the foundation for the fortunes of America and the Western world in the first place. It is in the hope that this book will serve that cause that the cover art was chosen.”

Format: Hardback, 496 pp.

  • Includes study guide for each chapter, and index.

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Paul Cleveland & Clarence Carson


1/2 HS Economics


Hardback, 496 pp.




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