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We at Compass Classroom are happy to discount or provide free curriculum to help you homeschool your families.

Thomas Purifoy

Compass Classroom Founder, Filmmaker, Instructor

Our hope is that this might help alleviate some small pressure for you.

Even though it has been over two decades, I vividly recall returning from the mission field with a pregnant wife and trying to find a job. We moved to Nashville at the end of August 2001 – only to have the entire economy slow down just a few weeks later on 9/11.

It was a very difficult time. I had been in the military for a few years, then had taught in an overseas school with my new wife. Nashville was the first place we moved to, and although I had a few friends there, I’d never before worked in the city.

I was out of work for almost a year. There are frustrations and difficulties unique to this situation that can only be appreciated by men and women who have gone through them. Although it was a time that tested our relationship with God, He was quite faithful and used a number of people who reached out and helped us practically in various ways until I was able to find full employment.

When we created our series Economics for Everybody with R.C. Sproul, Jr., I realized how dependent the middle and lower classes are on forces that they simply have no control over. Although we explore aspects of the government-corporate-banking cabal that exists around the world in that series, one of the things everyone knows is how a struggling economy creates innumerable stresses on average families.

I would say that those stresses are magnified in homeschooling families where moms are often staying home to teach the kids while dads are trying to pull in enough money to support everyone and everything. If men are unemployed or under-employed, it puts exceptional pressure on wives trying to homeschool.

We offer two ways of getting our curriculum:

Request a Specific Discount

If you would like to pay something toward the product. It can be as big or small of a discount as you feel would be helpful. We also have a continuously updated page offering damaged products at a discount.

Request a Gift

If you are not in a position to pay anything. (As I said before, we have been there ourselves, so please don’t feel bad about doing this.)

We are doing this in the spirit of the community of the early church who provided what was needed to others according to the instructions of our Lord.

This does not mean, however, that you need to believe anything specific to receive this offer: it is open to all. We just wanted you to understand why we are doing it.

In closing, this offer may not apply to your situation, but if you know someone who might benefit from it, please do pass this link onto them. Although we can’t be a complete solution, we hope to do all that we can to enable as many families as possible to continue homeschooling.

*Please note that we do not produce Logic, Poetry, Old Western Culture, Basic Economics, or Fitting Words but re-sell them. As a result, we cannot include those products in this offer, except for the damaged products. All other products, however, are available for request.

Do you need assistance paying for curriculum?

If your family is in financial distress, we would like to help out. It is our privilege to be able to provide you with our materials.

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