Free Latin Resources

Visual Latin Chalkboard Videos

In this series, Visual Latin instructor Dwane Thomas explains a Latin question or concept.

Memorizing Latin Endings

Dwane recommends memorizing the Latin endings as you study through Visual Latin.  However, if you’d like to memorize all the endings, here is a series of videos showing how to do that effectively.

Latin Pronunciation

People ask Dwane all the time what the difference is between classical and ecclesiastical Latin pronunciation. There are three major differences.

Dwane's Tip of the Week

Check out the extensive archive of Latin tips from Dwane Thomas on his blog.

Helpful latin Posts

Latin Readers

Our favorite Latin reader is Lingua Latina per se Illustrata, Pars I: Familia Romana by Hans Orberg. (There is also a book of exercises that go with it.)  And if you feel so inclined, the teacher’s materials. Here are Free lists of Lingua Latina vocabulary, and Free online flashcards for Lingua Latina.

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First, download the Visual Latin/Henle guide available for free in our store.

In this guide you will find Henle lessons next to Visual Latin lessons. Many students find the Henle lessons difficult to understand initially. It is difficult to fully grasp a language concept from a book alone. Explanation helps. This is where Visual Latin comes in. Simply find the concept in Henle, scan across to Visual Latin on the chart, and locate the corresponding video. Once you have identified the video, watch it!

Often, the video explanation alone is all a student needs. The concept, which was difficult to un- derstand from a book, is now clear. However, if a student needs more help, there is a second, practice video in each Visual Latin lesson. In the practice video, the concept is demonstrated on a board in 5 to 10 Latin sentences.

By now, the concept should be clear. If, however, the student still needs help, they should download and complete worksheet A and B.

When using Visual Latin as a supplement to Henle, it will not be necessary to complete video C or worksheet C of Visual Latin.

Tests are designed to be used only with Visual Latin after completing all three sections. If you are using Henle, use their tests, not Visual Latin tests.

Latin Dictionaries

Cassell’s Dictionary – A classic choice for a Latin dictionary.

Whitaker’s Words – A handy online dictionary.

Latin Dictionary – Online Latin dictionary with a translator, lists of words, lists of tables and charts, and lots of other useful things.

Bibles In Latin

We don’t recommend students start trying to read directly from the Latin Vulgate until after finishing Latin 1 (Lesson 30). All of our readings are simplified versions of the Vulgate. However, when that time comes, here are some options for purchasing a Latin Vulgate.

Latin Culture Films

Claudius: Boy of Ancient Rome – A short film made by Encyclopedia Britannica in 1964. Narrated in English, but features Latin dialogue with English subtitles.

Latin Audio

Cornelia – Visual Latin teacher Dwane Thomas reads Cornelia one chapter at a time. What is Cornelia? Written by Mima Maxey in 1933, Cornelia is a fun Latin story about the adventures of a young girl living in the United States in the early 1900’s.

The Lord’s Prayer & Apostle’s Creed – Dwane Thomas reads these historic texts with Ecclesiastical pronunciation.

Nuntii Latini – This Finnish radio station broadcasts current events in Latin!

Classical Latin – Recordings of famous passages of Latin poetry and prose.

Harvard – Professors from Harvard (and other universities) recorded famous passages from Latin literature.

Latin Games & Activities

The Basement Workshop – Creative downloadable games for having fun with grammar and vocabulary, mostly geared towards younger children.

Roman Numeral Sudoku – Practice your Roman numerals with these fun puzzles.

Latin Noun Declension Match-Up Game – Learn Latin Declensions using this fun matching game.

Latin Conjugation Match-Up Game – A simple file folder game for practicing and reviewing Latin conjugation endings.

Latin Memory Aids – Download printable memory aids for learning Latin.  Also includes printable Latin Vowel and Diphthong Pronunciation Key.

Latin Alphabet Coloring Book and Flashcards – A homemade Latin alphabet Coloring Book and corresponding flashcards.

Latin Penmanship Practice – Copy John 1 in Latin with these printables. Courtesy of Brandy Ferrell.

John 1 Latin Flashcards and Games – Printable Flashcards for learning the John 1 Latin vocabulary.

Making Clouds from Latin – Learn the names of clouds using Latin.

Latin Memorization Management with Memory Rings – Improve the way your student memorizes vocabulary by creating memory rings.

Printable charts from our friends at Five J’s

Noun Declensions

Verb Conjugations

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