The Story of Great Music


Turn music history from a daunting subject to an entertaining part of your homeschool with the engaging performances and accessible writing of this course.

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Students will get...

In-depth written materials on each musical period and composer of note through the beginning of the twentieth century.

High-quality performances of the music throughout the written material, as well as audio and video playlists of recommended recordings.

Quizzes, regular journaling, research assignments, and thematic projects to go toward a 1/2 HS Elective Credit (fine art, music, art appreciation, or humanities).

Take an exciting tour through the development of Western music.

This new online class merges the history of composers and their works with engaging video performances. It also provides audio playlists and recommendations for building your own listening library of classical music.

We designed this course for students without any musical training. But it can also provide a robust historical guide for music students wanting to connect the dots between periods, composers, instruments, and performance styles.

How to Get Started

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Enjoy Learning Music History

Read, watch, listen and quiz in a unique combination of activities.

About the Instructor

Thomas Purifoy

Thomas Purifoy is a producer, writer, and director with Compass Cinema & Compass Classroom. He has been the director of a classical school in France where he taught 20th Century History, English Literature, Film History, Old Testament, and Philosophy. Thomas has also served as an officer in the U.S. Navy and is a graduate of Vanderbilt University. He is married and has three daughters.

Take your student on a guided tour of music history and view the performances that inspire a love of classical music.

This product is part of our Big Spring Sale!

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