Give your kids the love of history through this incredible story-driven history curriculum.

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Dave Raymond applies a Christian worldview to the characters, events, theology, literature, art, and religious beliefs throughout history. He begins with American History because of its accessibility to younger audiences, then progresses to historical periods that include more mature topics.


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4 Years to a Christian Worldview of History

Year 1: American
Year 2: Modern
Year 3: Ancient
Year 4: Medieval

Begin a love of history through the story of our nation.

Explore world history from the Enlightenment to the present.

Connect the great story of the Bible to ancient history.

Experience the impact of the Church on Western civilization.

Loved by Thousands of Middle & High School Students

4 Full Years of History Curriculum

Counts as 1 History or Social Studies Credit

Each course includes

Each course includes

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About the Instructor

Dave Raymond

Dave Raymond lives in rural Middle Tennessee with his wife and 6 children where he has taught the humanities for the past 20 years. He teaches the disciplines of history, literature, composition, and Latin through Quiller Tutorials.


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“Dave’s approach to learning history is deeply rooted in his rich biblical understanding of humanity, our divine purpose and calling as people, and the purpose of pursuing wisdom.”
About Modernity
“Mr. Raymond is an engaging instructor. His stories are intriguing and so different than normal. He keeps his lessons short and to the point and brings original source information to his presentations and also to the extra reading.”
About American History
“He teaches an overall picture of history that makes us grateful for God’s provision and goodness.”
About Antiquity

Help your student understand history through the dual lenses of dramatic story and godly wisdom.

This product is part of our Big Spring Sale!

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