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Year 4 in Dave Raymond’s History Series [AD 33 – 1600]

The long awaited fourth installment of Dave Raymond’s history series is here! Spanning the resurrection of Christ, to the fall of the Roman Empire, and ending with the Renaissance and Reformation.  With over 40+ hours of video instruction, discover the compelling stories of emperors, monks, barbarians, and battles, while traveling through medieval history alongside St. Benedict, Charlemagne, Alfred the Great, Genghis Khan, and more.  Learn how Christianity spread and influenced everything from art to government to science, and find out why the middle ages weren’t so dark after all in this fourth installment of our four-year study.  Recommended for high school students age 14+ (see below)Literature Connections: British and World Literature, Old Western Culture: The Romans, and Old Western Culture: Christendom


This is a presale of the complete course in streaming/download format. Part 1 is available now. Part 2 lessons will be uploaded as they are completed. See below for thumb drive availability.

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This is a presale of the complete course in streaming/download format. Part 1 is available now. Part 2 lessons will be uploaded as they are completed. See below for thumb drive availability.

“Crafty men condemn studies, simple men admire them, and wise men use them.”  – Francis Bacon

Christendom is the conclusion to Dave Raymond’s comprehensive world history from a Christian worldview. This series covers early church history through the Reformation. Through a combination of stories and moral philosophy, Dave shows how Christianity spread across much of the world changing everything from family life to art to government to science to worship. Learn the stories of redeemed men and women who demonstrate how Christianity changes cultures and left a remarkable legacy for the world. Most importantly, learn that God is sovereign over the kings of earth and has given the nations as an inheritance to the one true King, Jesus Christ.

Christendom is Year 4 in a series of one-year homeschool history curricula. Christendom consists of:
    • 130 videos (40+ hours)
    • 3 projects
    • Year-long Portfolio
    • Student Reader based on original sources (PDF, EPUB, and Kindle)
    • Teacher’s Guide with Scope & Sequence (PDF, EPUB, and Kindle)
    • EPUB & Kindle versions of the Student Reader and Teacher’s Guide using Dyslexia-friendly fonts. View a side-by-side sample from American History.
    • Weekly Exams

Credit: One High School History/Social Studies (Click on the FAQ tab for a complete breakdown of hours.)

Age: 14+ (We recommend children be over age 14 to take this class due to challenging and sometimes mature content. Please be aware of some brief artistic nudity in some of the historical artwork that is presented in the course.)

Thumb drives will be available for Christendom spring 2023. DVDs will not be offered for this course, due to its length and the difficulty in sourcing the necessary manufacturing materials. If you purchase this digital streaming/download version now, you will also receive a coupon code when thumb drives are available to purchase for an additional price and a one-time shipping fee.

Printed Course Materials (Student Reader & Teacher’s Guide) will be available spring 2023. Digital readings, exams questions, project guides, and answer keys are available for each lesson as they are released.

Dave Raymond lives in rural Middle Tennessee with his wife and 6 children where he has taught the humanities for the past 20 years. He teaches the disciplines of history, literature, composition, and Latin through Quiller Tutorials.

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Credit Amount



Lesson Length

75-90 minutes (5 videos, ~25 min each)


Dave Raymond


40+ hours



  1. Orientation
  2. Eternity in Operation: The Roman Principate and the New Testament Church
  3. Imperium sine Fine: The Successions of Rome, Judea, and the Apostolic Church
  4. The World That Died in the Night: Christianity, the Church Fathers, and the Transformation of Culture
  5. A Creed and Still a Gospel: Constantine, Nicea and Athanasius
  6. Centripetal & Centrifugal Forces: The Barbarians, the Church and the Fall of Rome
  7. Only the Lover Sings: Augustine of Hippo
  8. The Long Defeat: Byzantium
  9. There is No God but Allah: Islam
  10. How the Celts Saved Civilization: Christianity in Ireland and Britain
  11. The Holy Roman Empire: Benedict & Monasticism, Gregory the Great & Worship, Charlemagne & Education
  12. The Ballad of the White Horse: The Norse and Alfred the Great
  13. Medieval Covenants: Feudalism and the Norman Conquest
  14. Deus Vult: The First Crusade
  15. Outremer: Crusader Kingdoms and Later Crusades
  16. The Music of the Spheres: Medieval Art, Towns, Cathedrals and Monks
  17. Wonder & Delight: Medieval Education, the Scholastics and Dante
  18. Just Rule and a Braveheart: Plantagenets, Common Law and the Scots
  19. The Fracturing of Christendom I: Invasions, Wars and Plagues
  20. The Fracturing of Christendom II: The End of the Middle Ages
  21. Man the Measure I: The Renaissance
  22. Man the Measure II: The Renaissance
  23. The Morning Stars of the Reformation: Wycliffe to Erasmus
  24. Justification by Faith: The Great Reformation
  25. Towards a Proper End: Reformations and Counter-Reformations
  26. Lex Rex: The English Civil War

Sample Lessons

Sample Course Materials

Read a Sample from the Student Reader

Read a Sample from the Teacher’s Guide


Does the streaming service expire?
No. This is a purchase in perpetuity.

Calculating High School Credit for History:
HSLDA recommends spending approximately 150 hours on a subject to qualify for high school credit.  This is how Dave Raymond’s classes generally break down to achieve that credit.  Some students will spend more time in some areas and some will spend less, but there is clearly enough different types of work to qualify for full high school credit:

* The reader includes a few hundred pages of original historical materials. It increases in length as the year progresses. If additional reading is desired for older students, we include recommendations for that.
**If a parent desires to do two or more thesis papers for older students, that is perfectly acceptable and will only increase the amount of time spent in the class.

What should my student’s portfolio look like?

Here is an example of a portfolio from American History to give some ideas.


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