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"Mr. Raymond is an engaging instructor. His stories are intriguing and so different than normal. He keeps his lessons short and to the point and brings original source information to his presentations and also to the extra reading." - Resshena
"Dave Raymond gives students (and educators) a new way of appreciating American History by pointing out how we can see God's hand through all of history." - Kela

American History Video Curriculum

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Give your kids the love of history through this incredible story-driven American history homeschool curriculum, all from a Christian worldview.

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Master storyteller Dave Raymond delivers a dynamic history of the United States in this popular installment of his four-year history series. He applies a Christian worldview to the characters, events, theology, literature, art, and religious beliefs of the nation. His American history homeschool curriculum has transformed thousands of Middle School and High School students. Yours can be next.

American History is a one-year homeschool curriculum that consists of:

  • 130 videos (5 lectures per lesson, ~15 min ea, 24 hours total )
  • 4 projects
  • Year-long Portfolio
  • Student Reader based on original sources (PDF, EPUB and MOBI)
  • Teacher’s Guide with Scope & Sequence
  • Weekly Exams

Credit: One High School History/Social Studies

Click on the FAQ tab for a complete breakdown of hours spent per area to qualify for high school credit.

Please be aware of some brief artistic nudity in some of the historical artwork that is presented in the course.

Dave Raymond lives in rural Middle Tennessee with his wife and 6 children where he has taught the humanities for the past 12 years. He teaches the disciplines of history, literature, composition, and Latin through Quiller Tutorials and Foundations Christian Academy.

License: This product is licensed for use by one family.

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24 Hours, 53 Mins


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Dave Raymond



Sample Lessons

Read a Sample From the Student Reader


Calculating High School Credit for History:

HSLDA recommends spending approximately 150 hours on a subject to qualify for high school credit.  This is how Dave Raymond’s classes generally break down to achieve that credit.  Some students will spend more time in some areas and some will spend less, but there is clearly enough different types of work to qualify for full high school credit:

* The reader includes 372 pages of original historical materials.  It increases in length as the year progresses.  For example, Part 1 is 150 pages and Part 2 is 222 pages.  If additional reading is desired for older students, we include recommendations for that.
**If a parent desires to do two or more thesis papers for older students, that is perfectly acceptable and will only increase the amount of time spent in the class.

What should my student’s portfolio look like?

Here is an example of the portfolio to give some ideas.


  1. Orientation (1:03:48)
  2. The Banner of the Sun: Meso-America (1:03:41)
  3. Brave New World: The Early Explorers (53:27)
  4. The Colossus of Empire: The Colonies (52:11)
  5. Stability and Change: The Reformational Colonies (52:28)
  6. A City Upon a Hill: The Puritans (1:05:21)
  7. A Foreign War at Home: Wars of Control (47:56)
  8. Grace, the Founder of Liberty: The Great Awakening (1:05:00)
  9. Fathers of Independence: Adams, Franklin, Witherspoon, and Henry (56:15)
  10. Liberty or Death: The Declaration of Independence (1:03:25)
  11. Awesome Providence I: The War of Independence (51:07)
  12. Awesome Providence II: The War of Independence (54:04)
  13. A More Perfect Union: The Constitution (48:14)
  14. Federal Headship: George Washington (53:19)
  15. How Good and Pleasant It Is: Adams and Jefferson (1:04:05)
  16. Manifest Destiny: Settlers, Explorers, and War (59:56)
  17. Word and Deed: JQ Adams and Andrew Jackson (46:50)
  18. The Original United Nations: The Expansion of the Early US (58:28)
  19. Idols of Mercy: Revival, Counterfeits, and Art (58:20)
  20. A House Divided I: The Age of Compromise and Divided Cultures (51:33)
  21. A House Divided II: Lincoln and Secession (1:12:25)
  22. The Second War for Independence: The War Between the States (51:44)
  23. Brother Against Brother: The War Between the States (57:51)
  24. The Lost Cause: Reconstruction (56:44)
  25. A New Normal: The West, Immigration, and Robber Barons (1:06:08)
  26. Theology as Biography: Theodore Roosevelt and Booker T. Washington (58:59)

15 reviews for American History Video Curriculum

  1. Brandy

    As we’ve plowed through dozens of history curriculum options in search of an optimal scope and sequence for elementary through high school, I never even imagined that we would find something like this. But then we came across….

    :: a story-driven history curriculum that expounds upon the Christian roots of our nation, following an overarching theme of redemption throughout its history
    :: a course that provides a springboard for deep discussions with an upfront explanation of the Socratic method of asking questions (for both students and parents)
    :: a class that teaches and emphasizes how to take notes during lectures and how to build a portfolio that, at completion, may be used as a history textbook for younger children to read

    We have loved this curriculum so much! If you’d like to read more about our experience and/or take a peek into the history portfolio and speech our son completed as a result of Dave Raymond’s American History, visit https://www.halfahundredacrewood.com/the-making-of-a-history-portfolio/

  2. spencer_hasch

    love, love, love
    these dvds!! I HIGHLY recommend them.

  3. Kellie

    This curriculum was an absolute Godsend to our family. We have never experienced a curriculum that our children loved, enjoyed and learned as much from as this one. Each morning my children were literally fighting over who got to start their History videos for the day.
    The lessons are riveting to both child and adult alike. I have home-schooled our 6 children for the past 23 years, and we found this curriculum to be the most fascinating, educational and user friendly of all of them.
    I just can’t say enough about it. We have recommended it to everyone we know. I only wish we had found it 23 years ago!

  4. Sandra (verified owner)

    I love this curriculum, and I love the way Mr. Raymond presents it. It is from a Christian Worldview, and is the most interesting history course I’ve ever sat under. I watch the lessons with my son, and take notes along with him–I love it!

    The lessons are laid out and are very user friendly. The only thing I wish is that there were more resources materials that the teacher could draw from if he/she wanted. (Maybe films or historical novels that could be correlated with the course.)

    I love that this history course is taught from a biblical worldview, and that it is reasonably priced and available in both streaming and dvd format!

  5. Heather

    Because I’m in the room with Munchkin while she’s watching the videos, I find myself learning things about history that I didn’t know. She gets really excited about the information being presented and enjoys sharing her newly learned information with others. To me, this is a sign that the curriculum is interesting and engaging. The curriculum focuses on some aspects of history that aren’t, in my experience, covered by other curriculums as well as the traditional material.

  6. Laura

    My kids learn well from teachers who are passionate about their subjects. Dave Raymond is passionate about American History. Better yet, Dave Raymond is a good storyteller. Isn’t that what history is? Story telling? Names and dates bah! I want to know about the people, not just the battles. How did they think? Why did they do things? History comes alive in this video curriculum.

  7. Jessica

    One thing is evident: the teacher clearly explains how to view the events of history through the lens of Scripture and a Christian worldview.

  8. Kela

    Dave Raymond gives students (and educators) a new way of appreciating American History by pointing out how we can see God’s hand through all of history. God is the Creator of all things and without Him nothing would be created. I like how Dave goes back to the beginning of time in his first lesson and explain how we need to understand the study of Humanities.

  9. Kara

    The kids both really liked the lessons that we watched and found them very interesting. Mr. Raymond uses a conversational style that’s engaging and his obvious enthusiasm for the subject really makes the lectures enjoyable! The assignments are clearly explained and both they and the reading selections are thought-provoking…designed to really make the student think through the underlying factors behind the events. This is definitely not just a “names and dates” program! It really delves into how and why cultures change and how ideas and worldviews impact how we live. I really love this approach!
    But what I love most of all about this program is that it goes even further to show the theme of redemption through all of history. Mr. Raymond points out that history is at it’s heart a story of the Gospel, but also of sinners. Even the “heroes” of history have flaws – because they’re sinners – but he encourages students to watch for how all of history reveals the story of redemption, even through flawed and sinful people and actions. Through it all, God is working to accomplish His purposes.

  10. Debra

    I love that my kids are able to be very independent in working with this. I really like the projects involved, especially the whole create-your-own-textbook that the journal turns into. The fact that my word-loving son can create a text-heavy journal, and my word-phobic son can create a image-heavy journal — and both are following the instructions — means a lot to me.

    I love this whole idea. Downloadable video, that you can view on a variety of devices (or you can even purchase DVDs) is convenient and gives me fewer things to lose. I love that.

  11. Trisha

    These lessons spend more time focusing on historic people, their beliefs and motivations, rather than mere events. Raymond continues to emphasize the idea of “moral philosophy” throughout the series: how the core beliefs of our nation’s leaders and founders shaped the direction of history.

  12. Lisa

    It is a Christian curriculum and one that takes the time to teach the importance of the founding of this nation and not just the names and dates but also the character behind the people who founded and shaped it.

  13. Meg

    I have to say, I absolutely LOVE this American History curriculum! I have been telling everyone I know about it. Our family has been searching for something that doesn’t just teach the WHAT, but the WHY and the HOW. History doesn’t need to just be a bunch of useless facts (ones we hardly remember as we grow older and are inundated with other useless facts); instead should be exploring the reasons WHY men did what they did…and HOW we can learn from their mistakes. I love that this is both worldview and history in one curriculum. Thank you so much for following the Lord’s leading in creating this curriculum! Now, I want to know when World History will be released?? 😉

  14. Cathy Duffy

    In my opinion, this course offers an excellent balance of interesting DVD lectures, serious reading, and challenging writing coupled with worthwhile portfolio and project work, all presented from within a Christian worldview.

  15. Pam Dean

    We have really enjoyed the course. Part 1 consists of 13 weekly lessons which includes a daily video presentation generally around 12 minutes long, quality reading assignments and a weekly exam. Also the students are to prepare a page in their portfolio after each week and there is also a project of making a colonial map. Part 1 covers Meso-America to The Constitution. Part 2 also consists of 13 weekly lessons and covers George Washington to Theodore Roosevelt. It also includes the daily video, reading assignments and weekly exam.

    Our favorite part of this course has been the daily video lessons. Dave makes the lessons extremely interesting and very understandable. Since he tells it as a story and has covered the material chronologically, for the first time in my life, I can put all the pieces of American History together and they make sense. The readings are very in-depth. They are organized by lesson in one downloadable printable reader. Many are taken from original documents We have not used them as extensively as some that love history may choose to do. I appreciate that the course is taught from a strong Christian worldview. Even though it is a high school course, my 2 younger daughters have watched it with us, and they have also learned so much.

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