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Dwane’s Fun April Fools Videos

We’ve always enjoyed making funny videos with Dwane Thomas. He has a great sense of humor, and we have enjoyed poking fun at his own classes or whichever class we are about to launch.

highlight history with art

Highlight History with Art

We are always excited to hear how homeschool families supplement Compass Classroom courses. Today we’d like to introduce you to our friend, Tricia Hodges, and how she not only supplemented History courses but started a small business offering art lessons.

hands-on history ideas

Hands-On History Ideas

Dave Raymond’s courses offer many opportunities to add hands-on history ideas to dive deeper into the subject while keeping students interested.

Homeschool History

Homeschool History Courses

Looking for engaging homeschool history courses, but not sure where to start? Compass Classroom currently offers 3 high school credit history courses from master story teller Dave Raymond.

Teaching Multi-Level American History

Multi-Level Teaching American History

Are you teaching our American History course with more than one student? Discover some simple ways to enjoy the curriculum and adapt it to meet your family’s needs.

World History Ideas

World History Activities

World history is so important.  It expands our perspective of other cultures and gives us a greater understanding of how other people live. While non-fiction books are indispensable tools to […]

why study history

Why Study History?

History is a complex subject encompassing a sometimes overwhelming amount of information. Our history teacher reminds us of the many excellent reasons to enjoy and pursue knowledge of this topic.

Music memory tricks

Music Memory Tricks for Your Kids

Music is a fun and effective way to memorize historical facts. With these enjoyable resources, your kids can sing their way to through the next test.

What Really Happened at the First Thanksgiving?

After years of hardship, the settlers finally enjoyed a bountiful harvest. They chose to celebrate by praising God and sharing with others, a great reminder to us as we continue the tradition.

1920s films movies

Great Films from the 1920s

A fascinating time in filmmaking, the 1920s has some of the best silent films along with the first “talkies”. Another great list of must-see movies for film lovers and history buffs alike.

1910s movies filmmaking

Great Films from the 1910s

These silent films laid the foundation for the movies we love today. Enjoy this list of great films and experience some of the first examples of great filmmaking.

Classics for High Schoolers

Classics Every High Schooler Should Read

This list of great books organized by historical time period will enrich your high schoolers curriculum. These are some of the best stories of all time and exceptional works of literature, philosphy, history, and poetry.

Classics for Middle School Reading

Classics Every Middle Schooler Should Read

Exposing your middle schoolers to great books can give them a life-long love of great literature. This list of inspiring classics introduces strong characters and timeless stories that kids love.

american history books

American History Books for Children

Dave Raymond’s American History includes many selections from original materials. We’ve received requests from homeschool parents asking for a supplemental book list. We have compiled a list arranged in loose chronological order by the time period covered in the story.

history election songs

American History Election Songs

A frequently untapped resource when it comes to studying American history, particularly political history, are the historical election songs written and distributed by various presidential candidates. In an era of […]

hands-on learning mapping

Photo Map Activity

Much research has been done showing that students learn more easily when there is a personal connection made between a lesson and their lives. What if you used your travels in your classroom AND had a creative way to display those memories?

art of letter writing

Abigail Adams & The Art of Letter Writing

Abigail Adams was by no means unique to her time in that she practiced the art of letter writing, but because of her station in American history as First Lady, hers is one of the most easily accessible lives to examine when looking at the art of correspondence.