American History Stories

American History Stories


Audio files of historical dramatizations, and profiles of historical figures and events which originally aired on the radio.
For use with Dave Raymond’s American History course or as a standalone resource.


Compass Classroom is delighted to present American History Stories for use with Dave Raymond’s American History course or as a standalone resource for your homeschool.
These are 25-30 minute long historical dramatizations, and profiles of historical figures and events which originally aired on the radio, ideal for use as background material for papers, aids to memory work, models for speeches and creative projects, and any other assignment which integrate elements of your student’s studies.

Included in this download:

  • Audio files organized by lesson of Dave Raymond’s American History
  • MP3 files tagged by lesson for use in iTunes or similar music database
  • Guide for use

Show Notes:

Created for CBS Radio, You Are There blended history with modern technology, taking an entire network newsroom on a figurative time warp each week reporting the great events of the past. The series ran from July 1947 to March 1950, switching titles midway from CBS Is There to You Are There.
Cavalcade of America is a drama series that was sponsored by the DuPont Company. It documented historical events using stories of individual courage, initiative and achievement, often with feel-good dramatizations of the human spirit’s triumph against all odds. It was initially broadcast on CBS radio from 1935 to 1953, and later on television from 1952 to 1957.
Mr. President was a radio series on ABC from 1947 to 1953. Each half-hour episode was based on an incident in a President’s life, but the dialogs were written in such a way as not to reveal the name of the President until the end of the program. An advertisement for the program noted, “Each week the suspense mounts from his first question, ‘Which one of our 32 Presidents am I?'”

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Access the materials at “Downloadable Products” in your Compass Classroom store account, and unzip the file to a location on your hard drive.

Once the files are unzipped, you can play the files directly on your computer. Alternatively, you can upload the files to any device which will play .mp3s. If you use iTunes or a similar music database program, you can drag the unzipped folders to the program icon and they will organize automatically by disc, which corresponds to lesson in the curriculum.

These audio files were obtained in the public domain and are provided as-is. If you have questions, get help at


Part I (Lessons 1-13)

Lesson 1 Orientation

No audio files

Lesson 2 The Banner Of The Sun – Meso-America

Montezuma and the Spaniards – You Are There (1520)

Lesson 3 Brave New World – The Early Explorers

Columbus Discovers America – You Are There (1492)

Lesson 4 The Colossus Of Empire – The Colonies

No audio files

Lesson 5 Stability & Change – The Reformational Colonies

The Sailing of the Mayflower – You Are There (1620)
New Amsterdam – You Are There (1664)

Lesson 6 A City Upon A Hill – The Puritans

Ann Hutchinson’s Trial – You Are There (1637)
William Penn Trial – You Are There (1670)
Witchcraft Trials at Salem – You Are There (1692)

Lesson 7 A Foreign War At Home – Wars Of Control

Sentinels of the Deep – Cavalcade of America (1712)
John Bartram’s Garden – Cavalcade of America (1723)
Opportunity – Cavalcade of America (1723)
Building and Architecture – Cavalcade of America (1729)
The Battle of Plassey – You Are There (1757)

Lesson 8 Grace, The Founder Of Liberty – The Great Awakening

No audio files

Lesson 9 Fathers Of Independence – Adams, Franklin, Witherspoon, & Henry

Benjamin Franklin – Cavalcade of America (1732)
Safety First – Cavalcade of America (1733)
The Trial of John Peter Zenger – You Are There (1735)
Father Junipero Serra – Cavalcade of America (1735)
Artistic Impulse – Cavalcade of America (1738)
Self Reliance – Cavalcade of America (1738)
Stars of Destiny – Cavalcade of America (1746)
House of Glass – Cavalcade of America (1750)
Stephen Girard – Cavalcade of America (1764)

Lesson 10 Liberty Or Death – The Declaration Of Independence

Stamp Act Rebellion – You Are There (1765)
Willingness to Share – Cavalcade of America (1774)
In the Best Traditions – Cavalcade of America (1775)
Declaration of Independence – Cavalcade of America (1776)
Gentleman from Paris – Cavalcade of America (1776)

Lesson 11 Awesome Providence – The War Of Independence I

Lexington and Concord – You Are There (1775)
Noah Webster – Cavalcade of America (1778)

Lesson 12 Awesome Providence – The War Of Independence II

Mutiny in the Colonial Army – You Are There (1781)
Captain Robert Gray – Cavalcade of America (1787)

Lesson 13 A More Perfect Union – The Constitution

Ratification of the US Constitution – You Are There (1788)
Samuel Slater – Cavalcade of America (1789)
Conservation – Cavalcade of America (1790)
Tillers of the Soil – Cavalcade of America (1790)
Loyalty to Family – Cavalcade of America (1798)

Part II (Lessons 14-26)

Lesson 14 Federal Headship – George Washington

George Washington Farmer – Cavalcade of America (1790)

Lesson 15 How Good And Pleasant It Is – Adams And Jefferson

John Jacob Astor – Cavalcade of America (1784)
Jefferson and American Education – Cavalcade of America (1800)
McGuffy Readers – Cavalcade of America (1800)
The Election of Thomas Jefferson – You Are There (1801)
The Burr-Hamilton Duel – You Are There (1804)
The Trial of Samuel Chase – You Are There (1805)
The Trial of Aaron Burr – You Are There (1807)

Lesson 16 Manifest Destiny – Settlers, Explorers, & War

Steamboat Builders – Cavalcade of America (1785)
The Louisiana Purchase – Cavalcade of America (1803)
Lewis and Clark – Radio Adventure Theater (1803)
The Will to Explore – Cavalcade of America (1803)
John James Audubon – Cavalcade of America (1804)
Enterprise – Cavalcade of America (1805)
Defiance of Nature – Cavalcade of America (1810)
Jean Lafitte – Cavalcade of America (1814)
James Monroe – Mr. President (1816)
James Fenimore Cooper – Cavalcade of America (1820)

Lesson 17 Word And Deed – John Quincy Adams & Andrew Jackson

Mary Lyon – Cavalcade of America (1817)
Heroes of Texas – Cavalcade of America (1820)
Steven Austin – Frontier Fighters (1821)

Lesson 18 The Original United Nations – Expansion Of The Early U.S.

Colonel Johnson Eats the Love Apple, or the Tomato – You Are There (1820)
National Parks Pioneers – Cavalcade of America (1824)
Man Who Couldn’t Grow Old – Cavalcade of America (1827)
Andrew Jackson – Mr. President (1829)
Tom Thumb Steam Locomotive – You Are There (1830)
American Journalism – Cavalcade of America (1831)
Charlotte Cushman – Cavalcade of America (1835)
Oliver Wendell Holmes – Cavalcade of America (1835)
The Alamo – You Are There (1836)
Remember the Alamo – Radio Adventure Theater (1836)

Lesson 19 Idols Of Mercy – Revivals, Counterfeits, & Art

Woman’s Emancipation – Cavalcade of America (1830)
Womens Rights – You Are There (1853)

Lesson 20 A House Divided I – The Age Of Compromise & Divided Cultures

John Tyler – Mr. President (1840)
Mariah Mitchell – Cavalcade of America (1840)
Bridge of Builders – Cavalcade of America (1841)
Down to the Sea – Cavalcade of America (1841)
Preservation – Cavalcade of America (1841)
Hardness – Cavalcade of America (1842)
Heroism in Medical Science – Cavalcade of America (1842)
Oregon 54-40 – Frontier Fighters (1843)
Pioneer Woman Physician – Cavalcade of America (1844)
Fame in Literature – Cavalcade of America (1845)
Massacre at Taos New Mexico – Frontier Fighters (1847)
Story of Dynamite – Cavalcade of America (1848)
Zachary Taylor – Mr. President (1848)
Edwin Booth – Cavalcade of America (1849)
Golden Touch – Cavalcade of America (1849)
Oregon and The Pacific Republic – Frontier Fighters (1849)
Resourcefulness – Cavalcade of America (1849)
The Comstock Lode – Frontier Fighters (1849)
Speed of Words – Cavalcade of America (1850)
Heroes of the Sea – Cavalcade of America (1851)
Will to Rebuild – Cavalcade of America (1852)
Railroad Builders – Cavalcade of America (1855)
Transcontinental Journeys – Cavalcade of America (1856)
Colorado Territory – Frontier Fighters (1857)
The Search for Iron – Cavalcade of America (1857)
Geronimo – Cavalcade of America (1858)
Victor Herbert – Cavalcade of America (1859)
Conquered Distance – Cavalcade of America (1860)
Reverend Thomas Starr King – Frontier Fighters (1860)
Wild Bill Hickok – Frontier Fighters (1861)
Clara Louise Kellogg – Cavalcade of America (1863)
Father of Plastics – Cavalcade of America (1863)
Union Pacific and Central Pacific – Frontier Fighters (1863)

Lesson 21 A House Divided II – Abraham Lincoln & Secession

Abraham Lincoln – Cavalcade of America (1860)
Abe Lincoln in Telegraph Office – Mr. President (1860)

Lesson 22 The Second War For Independence – The War Between The States I

The Red Badge of Courage – Radio Adventure Theater (1861)
Bombardment of Fort Sumter – You Are There (1861)
The First Battle of Bull Run – You Are There (1861)
The Monitor and the Merrimac – You Are There (1862)

Lesson 23 Brother Against Brother – The War Between The States II

The Battle Of Gettysburg – You Are There (1863)
Lee and Grant at Appomattox – You Are There (1865)
Assassination of Abraham Lincoln – You Are There (1865)
The Capture of John Wilkes Booth – You Are There (1865)

Lesson 24 The Lost Cause – Reconstruction

The Impeachment of Andrew Johnson – You Are There (1868)

Lesson 25 A New Normal – The West, Immigration, & Robber Barons

Buffalo Bill – Cavalcade of America (1865)
Helping Hand – Cavalcade of America (1865)
Luther Burbank – Cavalcade of America (1866)
Santa Fe Trail – Frontier Fighters (1866)
Custer’s Last Stand at Little Big Horn – Frontier Fighters (1868)
Cochise and Captain Tom Jeffords – Frontier Fighters (1870)
They Also Serve – Cavalcade of America (1870)
Annie Oakley – Cavalcade of America (1874)
Dakota Territory – Frontier Fighters (1874)
Humanitarian Urge – Cavalcade of America (1874)
Ernestine Schumann-Heink – Cavalcade of America (1877)
Edward McDowell – Cavalcade of America (1880)
Elmer Ambrose Sperry – Cavalcade of America (1880)
Joel Chandler Harris – Cavalcade of America (1881)
The Surrender of Sitting Bull – You Are There (1881)
Admiral Peary Discovers the Pole – Cavalcade of America (1886)
Anne Sullivan Macy – Cavalcade of America (1887)
Spirit of Competition – Cavalcade of America (1889)
The Okalahoma Land Run – You Are There (1889)
Women in Public Service – Cavalcade of America (1889)
I, Burton Perrine – Frontier Fighters (1890)
Black Rust – Cavalcade of America (1893)
Thomas Edison – Cavalcade of America (1898)

Lesson 26 Theology As Biography – Theodore Roosevelt & Booker T. Washington

William McKinley – Campaign Speech (1896)
Len Spencer First Recorded Promotional Message on the Edison Phonograph (1906)
Elizabeth Pankhurst – Votes for Women (1908)
Ghost in William Howard Taft’s Cellar – Mr. President (1908)
Theodore Roosevelt – Address to the Boys Progressive League (1912)
Theodore Roosevelt – Right of the People to Rule (1912)
Theodore Roosevelt – Special Interests Speech (1912)


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