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American History Songs


Audio recordings of popular American election songs which provide a fun excursion across the American political landscape.
For use with the second semester of Dave Raymond’s American History course or as a standalone resource.

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Compass Classroom is delighted to present American History Songs for use with the second semester of Dave Raymond’s American History course or as a standalone resource for your homeschool.

These are 1-2 minute recordings of popular election songs which provide a fun excursion across the American political landscape. Use them for speeches and creative projects, as well as any other assignment which integrate elements of your student’s studies.

Included in this download:

  • Audio files organized by lesson of Dave Raymond’s American History
  • MP3 files tagged by lesson for use in iTunes or similar music database
  • Guide for use

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36 Songs


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Access the materials at “Downloadable Products” in your Compass Classroom store account, and unzip the file to a location on your hard drive.

Once the files are unzipped, you can play the files directly on your computer. Alternatively, you can upload the files to any device which will play .mp3s. If you use iTunes or a similar music database program, you can drag the unzipped folders to the program icon and they will organize automatically by disc, which corresponds to lesson in the curriculum.

These audio files were obtained in the public domain and are provided as-is. If you have questions, get help at https://www.compassclassroom.com/contact.


Part I (Lessons 1-13)

Lessons 1-13

No audio files

Part II (Lessons 14-26)

Lesson 14 Federal Headship – George Washington

Follow Washington – Election Song (1789)
Free Elections – Election Song (1790)

Lesson 15 How Good And Pleasant It Is – Adams And Jefferson

Adams and Liberty – Election Song (1796)
Jefferson and Liberty – Election Song (1800)

Lesson 16 Manifest Destiny – Settlers, Explorers, & War

Huzzah for Madison – Election Song (1808)
Monroe Is the Man – Election Song (1816)

Lesson 17 Word And Deed – John Quincy Adams & Andrew Jackson

No audio files

Lesson 18 The Original United Nations – Expansion Of The Early U.S.

Rockabye Baby (Van Buren) – Election Song (1840)

Lesson 19 Idols Of Mercy – Revivals, Counterfeits, & Art

No audio files

Lesson 20 A House Divided I – The Age Of Compromise & Divided Cultures

Tippecanoe and Tyler, Too – Election Song (1840)
Yankee Doodle (Harrison) – Election Song (1840)

Lesson 21 A House Divided II – Abraham Lincoln & Secession

Come Raise the Banner (Polk, Anti-Clay) – Election Song (1844)
Jimmy Polk of Tennessee – Election Song (1844)
Rum-A-Dum-Dum (Taylor) – Election Song (1848)
Pierce and King – Election Song (1852)
Union Wagon (Fillmore) – Election Song (1852)
Buchanan and John Breckenridge – Election Song (1856)
Lincoln and Liberty – Election Song (1860)

Lesson 22 The Second War For Independence – The War Between The States I

No audio files

Lesson 23 Brother Against Brother – The War Between The States II

Little Mac Shall Be Restored (MacClellan) – Election Song (1864)
Rally ’round the Cause (Lincoln) – Election Song (1864)
Grant, Grant, Grant – Election Song (1868)
Hurrah for Grant – Election Song (1868)

Lesson 24 The Lost Cause – Reconstruction

Just Before Election (Anti-Johnson) – Election Song (1868)

Lesson 25 A New Normal – The West, Immigration, & Robber Barons

Victoria’s Banner (Women’s Suffrage) – Election Song (1870)
Boys in Blue (Hayes) – Election Song (1876)
For Hayes and Wheeler, Too – Election Song (1876)
If Johnnies Get into Power Again (Garfield) – Election Song (1880)
For Victory Again Blaine and Logan – Election Song (1884)
Grover’s End (Harrison) – Election Song (1888)
He’s All Right (Harrison) – Election Song (1888)
His Grandfather’s Hat (Anti-Harrison) – Election Song (1888)
Anti-Cleveland – Election Song (1892)
Democrats, Good Democrats (Cleveland) – Election Song (1892)
Tammany (No Candidate) – Election Song (1892)
Bryan – Election Song (1896)
Marching with McKinley – Election Song (1896)
Then and Now Prohibition – Election Song (1900)

Lesson 26 Theology As Biography – Theodore Roosevelt & Booker T. Washington

Roosevelt’s the Cry – Election Song (1904)


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