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"...this veteran homeschool mom of 20 years is watching Carole Seid's lectures and being re-inspired and re-motivated to press on toward the prize!" - Tisha
"It is balm for a homeschooling mother's soul. It is truly a delight to watch... full of gentle wisdom for both the mother beginning her journey (who is eager to learn all she can at the feet of a homeschool veteran) as well as those of us who have been on the journey for many years (who enjoy being reminded of why we chose this beautiful lifestyle for our families...)" - Lara

Homeschool Made Simple - Carole Joy Seid

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A new series designed especially for homeschool parents. Carole Joy Seid has almost 30 years experience teaching thousands of moms and dads a literature-based approach to homeschooling.

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Carole Joy Seid is known around the world for her encouragement and guidance for homeschooling parents. She provides unique insight and wisdom both for moms new to homeschooling as well as for homeschool veterans. This series of workshops includes:
  • Educational philosophy
  • Age-appropriate learning
  • Encouraging spiritual growth
  • Teaching children to read great books
  • Building a curriculum
  • And much more
Carole’s heartfelt desire is to make homeschooling simple, enjoyable and affordable. This is the first time she has put her material onto video. We think you’ll love it.

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Video Runtime

3 Hours, 21 Mins


Carole Joy Seid


DVD, Download, Streaming


Sample Lessons


  • Introduction (9 min)
  1. Children & Reading (32 min)
  2. Choosing Books (25 min)
  3. Building Character in Children (30 min)
  4. Math, Writing, Science, Art & Music (23 min)
  5. Bible & A Typical Day (23 min)
  6. Children & Media (25 min)
  7. Teaching History Using Literature (32 min)

4 reviews for Homeschool Made Simple – Carole Joy Seid

  1. Avatar

    Tarrah (verified owner)

    I wish someone would have given me this years ago when we started homeschooling BUT I’m so glad I have this info now! For the first time I’m able to truly enjoy homeschooling and experience this amazing gift with my children. If you are worn out as a homeschool mom and can’t bare to hear about yet another curriculum… you’ve got to watch this!! If you are brand new to homeschooling and want to be set on an incredible path in this homeschool adventure… you’ve got to watch this!!

  2. Avatar

    Stephen Drew

    Carol’s message for families is nothing short of prophetic for our day. The current educational content and methods available to families and children is simply overwhelming. How can you be assured your children will receive the best education possible for them? This series of seminars by Carol Joy Seid will tell you how.

    Carol’s teaching is is engaging, practical, and best of all is saturated in a biblical worldview. Although my wife and I do not yet have children, in listening to Carol’s teaching on home schooling it made me long for the day when we can raise children in the way they should go using the practices that Carol teaches. She casts a compelling vision for what home schooling should look like and presents a step by step process to living it out.

    These teachings have the potential to change you and your child’s life. Don’t question any longer if you are doing home schooling right. Pick up this DVD and and find out.

  3. Avatar

    Julie B.

    I cannot recommend Carole Seid and her wisdom enough. Oh, that every child would be blessed with the kind of education and love and ideas she shares. This will likely be the best investment in your children you’ll ever make…

  4. Avatar

    Shannon from Tennessee

    We cannot fully realize the jewel we have in this product. To have at our fingertips the wisdom and knowledge which comes from the history of a homeschool pioneer is a treasure beyond words. This video production is for the newcomer who is searching for a homeschool plan that will sustain you for the long term. It is for those who have been using this philosophy, to be used as a tool for refreshment and refocusing when we lose our way. I have often wondered how my notes from numerous Carole seminars would be sufficient in helping future generations to understand simple, affordable, and joyful homeschooling. Now we have this timeless gift! This philosophy is not only about education, it is about doing life as a family with God at the center of everything. With heartfelt gratitude I thank Carole for taking the time and energy to provide a legacy for many generations to come.

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