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Ancient Literature Live 2024-2025

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In this live class, read and discuss great books in Zoom meetings as you read ancient classics that still shape the modern world. Learn how to write and talk about literature. Pair with Dave Raymond’s Antiquity to add history credit, or take the course to satisfy an English credit requirement.

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Reading literature from the Ancient world will expose your students to ideology that still impacts the modern world. Class discussion and writing assignments will build a love and understanding of literature as a whole. The class can be used alongside Dave Raymond’s Antiquity series.

The class will meet once per week over Zoom, on Wednesdays from 1:00-2:00 PM Central Standard Time.

Ancient Literature Live will teach your students how to write an academic paper, read various forms of literature, and understand literary principles such as juxtaposition, irony, tone, as well as historical references. The format will be discussion-based with short lectures focused on the historical context of a particular book or short story. Students will read a variety of literary forms and learn how to write a basic thesis paper and find their own voice. The papers should reflect the student’s personal opinion as well as his ability to grasp literary concepts. The course can be used alongside Dave Raymond’s Antiquity course, but is also structured to stand alone.

List of Readings

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  1. The Epic of Gilgamesh (selections)
  2. Tales of Egypt by Roger Lancelyn Green (selections)
  3. Greek Mythology by Edith Hamilton (selections)
  4. The Iliad by Homer (selections) [Richard Lattimore translation]
  5. The Odyssey by Homer [Richard Lattimore translation]
  6. The book of Isaiah in The Holy Bible
  7. Histories by Herodotus (selections)
  8. History of the Peloponnesian War by Thucydides (selections)
  9. Phaedo by Plato
  10. “The Tragedy of Julius Caesar” by William Shakespeare [Norton Critical Edition]
  11. Selections from Roman histories, speeches, and poetry
  12. The Aeneid by Vergil (selections) [Rolf Humphries translation]
  13. The Man Born to Be King  by Dorothy Sayers

Schedule of Class Meetings

Wednesday, 1:00-2:00 PM Central Standard Time

  1. Aug 21
  2. Aug 28
  3. Sep 04
  4. Sep 11
  5. Sep 18
  6. Sep 25
  7. Oct 02
  8. Oct 09 Fall Break (no class meeting)
  9. Oct 16
  10. Oct 23
  11. Oct 30
  12. Nov 06
  13. Nov 13
  14. Nov 20
  15. Nov 27 Thanksgiving Break
  16. Dec 4
  17. Dec 11
  18. Dec 12-Jan 7 Christmas Break
  19. Jan 08
  20. Jan 15
  21. Jan 22
  22. Jan 29
  23. Feb 05
  24. Feb 12
  25. Feb 19
  26. Feb 26
  27. Mar 05 Spring Break
  28. Mar 12
  29. Mar 19
  30. Mar 26
  31. Apr 02
  32. Apr 09
  33. Apr 16 Easter Break
  34. Apr 23
  35. Apr 30
  36. May 07

Mary Pierson Purifoy has completed a history degree and was homeschooled until college. An avid reader and writer, she hopes to teach students to love books, writing, and history as well as a solid understanding of these subjects. Film is another passion as is exploring history through film and literature.

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14+ (grades 9-12)



1 HS

Credit Amount




– Zoom meetings
– Moderated discussion group on


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