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Download this guide for using Economics for Everybody as a one semester Economics course.
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Economics for Everybody FAQs

Yes. Economics for Everybody is designed to be the base of a one-semester economics class for  homeschool high school students. If this Scope and Sequence is followed, it will be good for one half credit in economics.

The course can be used in two ways: by itself as a lighter study to introduce basic economics concepts (9th/10th graders), or used together with another economics textbook as a more in-depth study for students with worldview training (10th/11th/12th graders). If you choose to do the latter we recommend Basic Economics Fourth Edition by Carson and Cleveland.

See above for a link to the Scope and Sequence / Study Guide / Answer Key which provides complete details for teaching the class.

Dr. R.C. Sproul, Jr. has taught philosophy and theology at Reformation Bible College, and been a teaching fellow for Ligonier Ministries. Since college, economics has been one of his primary areas of expertise. He delights in explaining how the glory of the gospel truth means that Jesus changes everything. He has eight children. Featured in Economics for Everybody.

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