Cavalcade of America - History, vol. 4


These historical dramatizations of humanitarian progress are true American hero tales featuring vintage music, intriguing interviews, and even Broadway & Hollywood adaptations.


Compass Classroom is delighted to present History, vol. 4 as part of The Cavalcade of America series for use with Dave Raymond’s American History course or as a standalone resource for your homeschool.

These historical dramatizations of humanitarian progress are true American hero tales featuring vintage music, intriguing interviews, and even Broadway & Hollywood adaptations. Be sure to check out History, vol. 1, vol. 2, and vol. 3 for even more exciting historical re-imaginings!

The Cavalcade of America was produced by the DuPont Company to burnish its motto of “Maker of better things for better living through chemistry.” The programs originally aired on CBS radio from 1935-1953, and on television from 1952-1957.

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Episode List

  1. Signal To The World, Originally broadcast 11/08/1949. The story of Robert Townsend, who was torn between personal grief and patriotism.
  2. The Greatest Risk, Originally broadcast 11/15/1949. The adventure and romance of James McDaniel, who came to America as a spy, and stayed to defend the country.
  3. The Incomparable Doctor, Originally broadcast 01/03/1950. A dramatization of the famous meeting between Benjamin Franklin and Lord Howe, in a final effort to prevent a Revolutionary War.
  4. Reveille, Originally broadcast 02/21/1950. A dramatization of some of the darkest days of the American Revolution at Valley Forge.
  5. Crazy Judah, Originally broadcast 03/14/1950. A story of Theodore Judah and his exciting dream of a great American transcontinental railroad.
  6. The Sword Of Kentucky, Originally broadcast 05/16/1950. The story of George Rogers Clark, founder of Louisville, and the conquest of the “Northwest” Territories.
  7. A Portrait Of The Author, Originally broadcast 05/23/1950. A sound portrait of Thomas Jefferson and his three great loves; his home, his family, and his country. This is a story about Thomas Jefferson who more than any other figures in his time epitomized the American dream of freedom and self-government. It tells the tale of his part in the writing of the Declaration of Independence.
  8. Miss Vinnie And Mr. Lincoln, Originally broadcast 05/30/1950. A well-done story about a lady who was allowed to sculpt a portrait of Abraham Lincoln. It still stands in the rotunda of the Capitol building in Washington D. C.
  9. The Redemption Of Lottie Moon, Originally broadcast 06/13/1950. The story of the rise and fall of a beautiful spy for the Confederacy.
  10. The Man With The Cargo Of Water, Originally broadcast 09/12/1950. The story of Frederick Tudor, who shipped ice from New England to Martinique in the Caribbean! This is the story of Frederic Tudor (September 4, 1783 – February 6, 1864) who in 1804 early in the 19th century fostered the idea of delivering ice to the West Indies and was finally responsible for delivering ice to the Caribbean.
  11. Yankee Doodle Debby, Originally broadcast 09/26/1950. The story of Deborah Sampson, who disguised herself and enlisted in the Continental Army to fight the British.
  12. Whither Thou Goest, Originally broadcast 10/31/1950. The story of Eliza McCardle, who fell in love with a tailor from Tennessee named Andrew Johnson, who became the seventeenth president of the United States.
  13. The Stepping Stones, Originally broadcast 11/21/1950. The story of the brave band of Pilgrims who signed America’s first charter of civil rights, the Mayflower Compact.
  14. The Rose And The Thorns, Originally broadcast 11/28/1950. The story of the romance of Winnie Davis, daughter of the president of the Confederacy, with a New York journalist.
  15. The Grand Design, Originally broadcast 12/05/1950. The story of Charles L’Enfant, the designer of the city of Washington, D. C., who held his honor and principles above fame and riches. The Grand Design begins in the year 1791. Charles Boyer stars in the role of Major Pierre Charles Laufont a Parisian by birth an artist by inheritance and training, a soldier by force of circumstance. This is his story…
  16. Ulysses In Love, Originally broadcast 12/12/1950. A romance in the young life of Lieutenant Ulysses Grant. Ulysses In Love was written by Arthur Errant and was suggested by the book Captain Sam Grant by Lloyd Lewis. It begins in the year 1843 and is rather like an episode of “Mr president”. It tells the story of how future president of the United States falls in love and marries his love upon his return from the civil war.
  17. There Stands Jackson, Originally broadcast 01/16/1951. The story of the military genius of Stonewall Jackson, and how he met his death.
  18. Keepsakes, Originally broadcast 01/30/1951. A well-done story about some of the lesser known facts about Abraham Lincoln, as told through the memorabilia of his life.
  19. Mary Of Murray Hill, Originally broadcast 02/20/1951. The story of how Mary Murray helped General Washington escape the British, by burning the boots of General Cornwallis!
  20. Whale Off, Originally broadcast 03/06/1951. The story of Samuel Mulford, a cantankerous old man who objected so strenuously to the tax on whales, that he left colonial Long Island to complain to King George in England.
  21. The King Of Nantucket, Originally broadcast 03/27/1951. The story of Tristram Coffin, the would-be king of Nantucket Island.
  22. The Raft, Originally broadcast 05/01/1951. The story of Eddie Rickenbacker’s ordeal with seven others on a life raft, adrift for twenty-three days in the South Pacific.
  23. A Duel With Aunt Rebecca, Originally broadcast 05/08/1951. This is a true story which occurred in 1842. James Shield is a Democrat and a proud man; his friend Abraham Lincoln is a stubborn man and a 32-year-old Springfield Lawyer. When Shields believes that Abraham is the mysterious Aunt Rebecca the writer of the slanderous articles in the Journal Newspaper the stubbornness of the two men leads them almost to a duel. The matter is resolved in a most polite and good humored manner.
  24. Top Secret, Originally broadcast 05/22/1951. The story of General Mark Clark and his daring rendezvous with the French in North Africa…convincing them to defy the Vichy government and fight with the Allies.
  25. The Torchbearer, Originally broadcast 05/29/1951. The story of Nathaniel Bacon, an American revolutionary born one hundred years too soon!
  26. Towards A New World, Originally broadcast 09/04/1951. The story of Corporal James Slayton, and how he won the Congressional Medal Of Honor, the DSC, and many more honors.
  27. Girl On A Mission, Originally broadcast 09/18/1951. The first show of the tenth season. The story of Julia Ward Howe and how she came to write, “The Battle Hymn Of The Republic.” The first show with Walter Huston as host.
  28. The Fields Are Green, Originally broadcast 10/09/1951. The story of the lowest point in the Revolutionary War, and of General Washington’s decision to surrender!
  29. Valley Forge, Originally broadcast 10/09/1951. The story of the lowest point in the Revolutionary War, and of General Washington’s decision to surrender!
  30. A New Commandment, Originally broadcast 11/13/1951. The adventures of Ben Franklin in the salons of France, and how he brought American diplomacy in through the front door.
  31. Incident At Lancaster, Originally broadcast 11/27/1951. Part one: “The Boston Port Bill.” Part two: “American Red Cross Incidents.”
  32. The Sitting Duck, Originally broadcast 12/04/1951. Part one: “Long and Discovery Of Anesthesia.” Part two: “Gorgas and The Panama Canal.”
  33. The Night There Was No President, Originally broadcast 01/29/1952. The story of the strange conditions under which Theodore Roosevelt became President, as told from the viewpoint of his family.
  34. Thunder Of Justice, Originally broadcast 02/05/1952. The story of Matthew Lyon of Vermont, who fought the Alien and Sedition Acts from behind prison walls!
  35. With Malice Toward None, Originally broadcast 02/12/1952. A dramatization of the meeting between Abraham Lincoln and Alexander Stephens, Vice President of the Confederacy, as they tried and failed to end the civil war.
  36. Three Words, Originally broadcast 02/19/1952. “Victory or Death” were the three words, and the story about how General Washington came to use them as a password before the Battle of Trenton.
  37. Romance At Fort Crawford, Originally broadcast 03/04/1952. The story of the tragic romance and brief marriage of Jefferson Davis, president of the Confederacy.
  38. An American From France, Originally broadcast 05/06/1952. The story of Eleuthere Irenee du Pont, the founder of DuPont, on the one hundred fiftieth anniversary of the company.
  39. The Long Gray Line, Originally broadcast 06/03/1952. “Duty, Honor, Country” and the stories of the three great leaders of West Point.
  40. The Quality Of Courage, Originally broadcast 06/17/1952. The exciting story of David Bushnell and his invention of the submarine during the Revolutionary War!
  41. The Dark Heart, Originally broadcast 06/24/1952. The story of the sorrow and controversy surrounding Mary Todd Lincoln, the wife of President Lincoln.
  42. The Gig Of The Saginaw, Originally broadcast 09/30/1952. A well-done story of survival on the open sea in a small boat. Five sailors try to bring help to their eighty-six shipwrecked comrades.
  43. Ready On The Right, Originally broadcast 10/21/1952. The story of Alexander Hamilton’s efforts to obtain a field command and fight the British, rather than remain an aide to General Washington.
  44. One Nation Indivisible, Originally broadcast 11/11/1952. The story of how Horace Greeley helped to get Jefferson Davis released from prison after the Civil War.
  45. Billy The Kid, Originally broadcast 12/30/1952.
  46. Bless This House, Originally broadcast 01/20/1953. A well told story about the White House and the many presidents who have lived within it.
  47. The Nugget And The Law, Originally broadcast 01/27/1953. A story of lawlessness and the vigilantes in old San Francisco.
  48. The Secret Road, Originally broadcast 03/10/1953. Two spies for General Washington save the French fleet through their daring secret messages.
  49. One Came Through, Originally broadcast 03/24/1953. The story of the midnight ride of the other guy, William Dawes to warn of the Redcoats approach.


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