Cavalcade of America - History, vol. 2


These historical dramatizations of humanitarian progress are true American hero tales featuring vintage music, intriguing interviews, and even Broadway & Hollywood adaptations.


Compass Classroom is delighted to present History, vol. 2 as part of The Cavalcade of America series for use with Dave Raymond’s American History course or as a standalone resource for your homeschool.

These historical dramatizations of humanitarian progress are true American hero tales featuring vintage music, intriguing interviews, and even Broadway & Hollywood adaptations. Be sure to check out History, vol. 1, vol. 3, and vol. 4 for even more exciting historical re-imaginings!

The Cavalcade of America was produced by the DuPont Company to burnish its motto of “Maker of better things for better living through chemistry.” The programs originally aired on CBS radio from 1935-1953, and on television from 1952-1957.

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Episode List

  1. The Colossus Of Panama, Originally broadcast 06/08/1942. The story of how William Crawford Gorgas eliminated Yellow Fever from the Canal Zone and made possible the building of the Panama Canal.
  2. The Gentleman From The Islands, Originally broadcast 07/06/1942. A well written story about the events leading to the Hamilton-Burr duel, and the reasons it was fought.
  3. This Our Exile, Originally broadcast 08/03/1942. The story of the mother of George Washington and how she imparted the seed of greatness to her son. This classic story of exile was suggested by Nathaniel Hawthorne to American poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow who wrote the immortal poem Evangeline in 1847.This play This Our Exile written by Norman Rosten is inspired by that poem in memory of that time and our own during World War II.
  4. I, Mary Washington, Originally broadcast 08/10/1942. The story of the mother of George Washington and how she imparted the seed of greatness to her son.
  5. The Prophet Without Honor, Originally broadcast 08/31/1942. The story of the neglected genius of Homer Lea, who among his many other amazing accomplishments, correctly predicted when and where the Japanese would attack the United States.
  6. Honorable Joseph C Grew Speech, Originally broadcast 09/14/1942. An address by Joseph Grew, former U. S. ambassador to Japan, on the occasion of the award of the Army-Navy “E” Award to the Remington Arms Company, Bridgeport, Connecticut. Mr. Grew speaks about our Japanese enemy. The broadcast originates from the Hotel Stratford, Bridgeport. The announcer and music originated from NBC’s New York studios. The program closing has been deleted. Senator Walker introduces distinguished guest of honor, Joseph Clark Grew a man who has served his country in foreign services and comes with a message from the Far East that every American should hear. Joseph Grew was a diplomat and the Ambassador to Japan from 1932 until diplomatic ties were severed when Tokyo attacked Pearl Harbor on December 6th 1941.
  7. Thunder From The Mountain, Originally broadcast 09/28/1942. The life story of Benito Juarez, the Mexican patriot. The program is well-done in the Welles tradition, superb radio.
  8. Admiral Of The Ocean Sea, Originally broadcast 10/05/1942. A humorous but factual look at some realities behind the legend of Christopher Columbus.
  9. Toward A Farther Star, Originally broadcast 11/02/1942. The story of Amelia Earhart, who bravely devoted her life to show the world that flying was not just for men.
  10. Torpedo Lane, Originally broadcast 11/09/1942. A story of heroism in the tanker service of the Merchant Marine. A young sailor learns that you needn’t wear a uniform to provide a valuable service to the country. After the drama, Madeleine Carroll speaks on behalf of the United Seaman’s Service.
  11. The Man Who Wouldn’t Be President, Originally broadcast 12/14/1942. A story about Daniel Webster.
  12. The Eagle’s Nest, Originally broadcast 12/28/1942. The story of Garibaldi’s attempt to unify Italy, as told from the perspective of Nazi-occupied Italy.
  13. The Perfect Tribute, Originally broadcast 02/08/1943. A story behind the writing of the “Gettysburg Address.”
  14. War Comes To Dr. Morgan, Originally broadcast 02/15/1943. An excellent story about a small town doctor determined to go to war, despite the opposition of his friends and neighbors.
  15. The Plot To Kidnap General Washington, Originally broadcast 02/22/1943. The story of Hercules Mulligan, a meek New York tailor who was one of George Washington’s most valuable spies.
  16. The Eighteenth Captain, Originally broadcast 03/08/1943. The story of John Paul Jones, the early days of the U.S. Navy and of Jones’ theory of the offensive.
  17. The Lengthening Shadow, Originally broadcast 04/12/1943. A drama of the life and accomplishments of Thomas Jefferson, on the two hundredth anniversary of his birth. We hold these truths to be self evident that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The man who wrote those words was born April 13th, 1743. America possessed the mind and the voice to express its dreams of human freedom. And here Cavalcade presents an original radio chronicle and portrait of Thomas Jefferson.
  18. Listen For The Sound Of Wings, Originally broadcast 04/19/1943. The story of Pastor Martin Niemoeller, who dared to stand up to Hitler.
  19. Mr. Lincoln’s Wife, Originally broadcast 05/31/1943. This is the story of Mary Ann Todd an American woman, a plain woman a simple woman who lived to know the sting of slanderous gossip, the emptiness of widowhood, the loneliness of age – Abraham Lincoln’s wife. The story is based on the biography Mr Lincoln’s Wife by Anne Colver.
  20. The Enemy Is Listening, Originally broadcast 06/07/1943. The story of how rumors, pieced together, may provide the enemy with valuable military information. A slip of the lip actually sinks a ship!
  21. The Unsinkable Marblehead, Originally broadcast 06/21/1943. A good adventure about the cruiser “Marblehead,” which was severely damaged in action in the Java Sea, but which made it back to her home port. The Cavalcade of America presents Unsinkable Marble Head and gives a vivid picture of our navy at grips with the enemy. It tells how a gallant warship won for her self the title of The Unsinkable Marble Head.
  22. The Hated Hero Of 1776, Originally broadcast 09/27/1943. The time of the play is the Fall of 1775 through 1776 during the darkest days of the American war for independence when the cause of liberty seemed lost. Philadelphia was in the hands of the enemy. Bitterly Thomas Paine again took the long road off of Philadelphia searching for a shattered army and in the winter he found them freezing to death at Valley Forge.
  23. Joe Dyer Ends A War, Originally broadcast 11/08/1943. Connecticut and Pennsylvania nearly go to war over a boundary dispute in 1782. Announcer Gayne Whitman salutes women in the DuPont work force.
  24. Twelve Desperate Miles, Originally broadcast 11/15/1943. Twelve Desperate Miles is one of the strangest and most stirring stories of the sea ever to come out of the war. It is the real life story of the battered little tramp steamer; a crew picked up from the ends of the earth, a skillful and courageous skipper and how between them they kept a blind date that was destined to make history.
  25. U-Boat Prisoner, Originally broadcast 12/27/1943. An American merchant sailor is torpedoed twice by the Nazis, and then rescued by the submarine which sunk his ships! U-Boat Prisoner is the thrilling story of a merchant seaman rescued by the very submarine, which had torpedoed his ship and killed his shipmates. It is based on the true story in Archie Gibbs’s own book of the same name.
  26. The Sailor Takes A Wife, Originally broadcast 01/31/1944. A city editor makes a “grandstand play” to impress his girl and joins the Merchant Marine. He discovers that there’s a lot more to the service than he thought.
  27. Prologue To Glory, Originally broadcast 02/07/1944. The story of the youthful years of Abe Lincoln, up until his unsuccessful campaign for the office of Senator.
  28. The Purple Heart Comes To Free Meadows, Originally broadcast 02/21/1944. A G. I. returns to his New England home, reluctant to talk about his Purple Heart. A chat with General Washington clears his thinking.
  29. The First Commando, Originally broadcast 04/10/1944. The story of General Francis Marion, who fought the British in the swamps of South Carolina during the Revolutionary War.
  30. A Mask For Jefferson, Originally broadcast 04/17/1944. How Thomas Jefferson was nearly strangled by the plaster of a life mask, and memories of the advice given by Jefferson to “A,” “B,” and “C” about the coming Revolution in France.
  31. Treason, Originally broadcast 06/05/1944. The story of Matthew Clarkson, the aide-de-camp to Benedict Arnold, who had to choose between loyalty to his country or to his General. The broadcast originates from Hollywood.
  32. What Price Freedom, Originally broadcast 06/26/1944. The story of how Robert Morris became Superintendant of Finance during the Revolutionary War and labored to stabilize the currency of the new nation.
  33. The Gals They Left Behind, Originally broadcast 08/14/1944. Cavalcade of America turns the spotlight on an aspect of American life in the summer of 1944. At present our concern is with the home front, which is marching in spirit beside the men who fight. This great army composed of wives; mothers and sweethearts of America’s men might well be called an army of occupation because they are truly occupied with waiting, working and praying for their sons and husbands. It is these women Cavalcade salutes in the radio adaptation by Edith Somer of the just published book by Margaret Shay, The Gals They Left Behind, the authentic experiences of two soldiers wives.
  34. Yankee From Olympus, Originally broadcast 08/28/1944. The story of Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes…who was much more than that!
  35. The Girl Lincoln Loved, Originally broadcast 10/23/1944. Joan Fontaine stars as Ann Rutledge in The Girl Lincoln Loved. It is the story of Abe Lincoln aged 24 a tall strapping lad with no thoughts of ever becoming president and of Anne Rutledge and their few happy moments together. But mostly the play is about Ann Rutledge herself and her father and mother and brothers and sisters and her everyday life and her qualities that made her the girl that Lincoln loved.
  36. The Laziest Man In The World, Originally broadcast 11/13/1944. A portrait of the inventive genius of one of our founding fathers, Benjamin Franklin.
  37. The Admiral, Originally broadcast 11/20/1944. The story of Admiral Dewey at the start of the Spanish American War. The program describes an early crusade for a strong navy. This is the first radio appearance by Robert Montgomery since being released from active duty.
  38. Grandpa And The Statue, Originally broadcast 03/26/1945. A touching story about a stingy old Irishman who refuses to contribute to the Statue of Liberty Fund.
  39. The Lieutenants Come Home, Originally broadcast 06/04/1945. A wartime service marriage lasts through long separations and combat, and how Carlton Rouh won the Medal of Honor.
  40. The Law West Of The Pecos, Originally broadcast 06/11/1945. The Law West of the Pecos starring Walter Brennan as Judge Roy Bean is a colorful story of the West that was and of a real though incredible man whose deeds have become legend.
  41. The Builders Of The Bridge, Originally broadcast 11/05/1945. The story of the building of the Brooklyn Bridge by John Roebling and his son Washington, who finished the job even though stricken with “Caisson Disease!”
  42. Names On The Land, Originally broadcast 12/24/1945. A mythical tour of American towns whose names are odd, historical, funny, beautiful, or memorable. A great radio show, spoken in verse. The production uses the “Wright Sonovox.” The broadcast originates from Hollywood. This first peace time Christmas Eve the Cavalcade of America takes you on an imaginary train ride swooping all over the country, seeking out the names of places which stand for home in such a special way tonight, The Names On The Land. Frank Morgan the conductor on this mythical train ride will not only call at the stopping places but in addition will tell you how some of the names actually came in to being, how where you’re going got that way.
  43. Venture In Silk Hat, Originally broadcast 01/14/1946. James J. Andrews Joined the Union army soon after the outbreak of the civil war not as a soldier but as an undercover agent. During the second year of the war in 1862 the 33-year-old West Virginian became the leader of one of the most daring secret missions of the civil war – the Andrews Raid.
  44. The Camels Are Coming, Originally broadcast 01/21/1946. The story about the U. S. Army’s attempt to use camels for the cavalry in Texas!
  45. Commencement In Khaki, Originally broadcast 01/28/1946. A story about the post-war Army College at Camp Kilmer, New Jersey, and of a romance that blossomed there.
  46. Children Of Ol’ Man River, Originally broadcast 02/04/1946. A biography of the life of Billy Bryant on a Mississippi showboat at the end of an era.
  47. Remembered Day, Originally broadcast 02/11/1946. President Lincoln has a conversation with a wounded Confederate Captain, the night before the Gettysburg Address.
  48. Young Major Washington, Originally broadcast 02/18/1946. Washington delivers an ultimatum to a French General, which is rejected. An exciting adventure follows, all before Washington’s twenty first birthday! The broadcast originates from Hollywood and is noted for having an all-male cast.
  49. Star In The West, Originally broadcast 02/25/1946. A story of the early days of Texas and of a couple who settle there. A program in honor of the one hundredth anniversary of Texas Statehood.


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