Cavalcade of America - History, vol. 3


These historical dramatizations of humanitarian progress are true American hero tales featuring vintage music, intriguing interviews, and even Broadway & Hollywood adaptations.


Compass Classroom is delighted to present History, vol. 3 as part of The Cavalcade of America series for use with Dave Raymond’s American History course or as a standalone resource for your homeschool.

These historical dramatizations of humanitarian progress are true American hero tales featuring vintage music, intriguing interviews, and even Broadway & Hollywood adaptations. Be sure to check out History, vol. 1, vol. 2, and vol. 4 for even more exciting historical re-imaginings!

The Cavalcade of America was produced by the DuPont Company to burnish its motto of “Maker of better things for better living through chemistry.” The programs originally aired on CBS radio from 1935-1953, and on television from 1952-1957.

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Episode List

  1. The Petticoat Jury, Originally broadcast 05/20/1946. The story of how Miss Euphemia Prescott brought law and order to one town in the lawless West. Jean Arthur stars as Euphemia Prescott the new schoolmistress in the little western town. She is surprised by the way things work in the country and when she sees a man who has been hanged in a tree for stealing a horse and learns that the murderers cannot be brought to trial she decides that she is not staying.
  2. The Cruise Of The Cashalot, Originally broadcast 06/24/1946. A good tall tale about “Fearless Ben Meeker,” barge captain on the Erie Canal, and the only time a whale made its way to upstate New York! The last show of the season.
  3. Passport To Freedom, Originally broadcast 08/26/1946. America means skyscrapers and haystacks, home sweet home and the Basin Street blues, the glare of the blast furnace against the midnight sky, a land where freedom is not just a word stamped on a coin. America is you and everyone you know.Is there a formula for freedom American style? Yes I suppose there is a formula based on such elements as a brain of a Thomas Jefferson, the heart of a Lincoln and the sinew and bones of millions who had the courage to dare and to err and dare again until the proper ratio of liberty of law should be established for all
  4. General Benjamin Franklin, Originally broadcast 09/16/1946. A portrait of Franklin as an astute general during the French and Indian War.
  5. The Old Fall River Line, Originally broadcast 09/23/1946. The story of Captain Dan Hamilton, who started as a deckhand and rose to the rank of captain in a forty-five-year career on the steamship line that grew with America.
  6. The Hickory Tree, Originally broadcast 10/14/1946. The story of the mother of Andrew Jackson, Elizabeth Jackson, a dedicated patriot.
  7. Mother Of Freedom, Originally broadcast 12/02/1946. The story of the fight of Anna Zenger against the corrupt Governor of New York, a fight that was falsely attributed to her husband, John Peter Zenger.
  8. Builder Of The Soo, Originally broadcast 01/20/1947. Charles Harvey is a man who more than any other in the nineteenth century changed the face of America by building a canal between Lake Superior and Lake Huron that everyone said was impossible except Katy Burroughs. Katy Burroughs first met him on Thanksgiving Day in 1852 and it was a dream of hers to see the canal built.
  9. The Voice Of The Wizard, Originally broadcast 02/10/1947. The “spirit” of Tom Edison recalls his early triumphs on the one hundredth anniversary of his birth. This story is about a man who more than once heard the words, young man you’re fired. He was the genius Thomas Edison and you will hear more about him in this story.
  10. Abigail Opens The White House, Originally broadcast 02/24/1947. The story of Mrs. Adams, wife of the second President, and the many trials she endured as war with France threatened.
  11. The Man Who Stepped Aside, Originally broadcast 03/24/1947. In 1860 in Auburn New York an expectant crowd milled around the home of William Henry Seward who expected to be elected as president of the United States. However he was stepped aside for the lesser-known Abraham Lincoln and subsequently asked by Lincoln to be his Secretary of State. Seward decided he would be Secretary of State but not for Mr Lincoln but for his country.
  12. Witness By Moonlight, Originally broadcast 05/19/1947. Abraham Lincoln defends an innocent boy from an accusation of murder. The broadcast originates from Newark, New Jersey.
  13. Under The Big Top, Originally broadcast 05/26/1947. The story of how “Lolo The Clown” helped Congressman John E. Kenna make Charleston the capitol of West Virginia. Nancy Kenna Morton, the granddaughter of Congressman Kenna appears in the drama.
  14. Return To Glory, Originally broadcast 09/15/1947. John Quincy Adams returns to Congress after serving as President and proves to be an American gadfly!
  15. The Oath, Originally broadcast 10/20/1947. Millard Fillmore assumes the presidency after the death of Tyler, and faces the problems associated with Clay’s “Great Compromise.”
  16. The Admiral Who Had No Name, Originally broadcast 10/27/1947. The life of John Paul Jones, before he became a “rebel” against the king. How “John Paul” became “John Paul Jones.”
  17. Us Pilgrims, Originally broadcast 11/24/1947. Us Pilgrims is a story of an immigrant’s idea of the first Thanksgiving. In a night school class their teacher explains that the more you know about the United States and its history the better citizen you will make and they discuss the first pilgrims. It’s a little like Life With Luigi, but without Luigi!
  18. Powhatan’s Daughter, Originally broadcast 12/29/1947. The story of Pocahontas, who not only saved the life of Captain John Smith, but helped the Virginia colony of Jamestown to survive its difficult early years.
  19. The Justice And The Lady, Originally broadcast 01/05/1948. A story of Chief Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes…and his wife.
  20. Sheriff Teddy, Originally broadcast 01/19/1948. A drama of the life of Theodore Roosevelt in the Dakota Badlands. A bully good story! On March 12th, 1885 ill health and political difficulties caused the young Teddy Roosevelt to leave the east and journey to Medora in the Dakota Badlands where he hoped to find quiet and rest as a rancher. But instead of the peace he sought he finds himself dangerously involved with the lawless men who control the Badlands.
  21. Mr. Lincoln Goes To The Play, Originally broadcast 02/09/1948. Fate has the last joke as Mr. Lincoln tries to decide whether or not to go to the theatre. On the night of April 14th 1865 President Abraham Lincoln was assassinated by John Wilkes Booth. Every school child knows this story a most tragic moment in American history. This story tells of the strange seemingly almost fore ordained events, which led to the death of Abraham Lincoln.
  22. The Black Duster, Originally broadcast 03/01/1948. A farm boy in Texas fights the dust storms of the Depression.
  23. Roses In The Rain, Originally broadcast 03/29/1948. The story of the romance of President Grover Cleveland and Frances Farmer, and their married life in the White House.
  24. Lee Of Virginia, Originally broadcast 04/26/1948. The story of General Robert E. Lee after the end of the Civil War, and of his high ideals at Washington College at Lexington, Virginia.
  25. Chautauqua Fable, Originally broadcast 06/14/1948. A 1910 visit to Chautauqua, New York, to hear William Jennings Bryan. A well-done evocation of the era.
  26. The Common Glory, Originally broadcast 06/28/1948. The story is based on the drama that is presented each year at the Williamsburg Festival. It’s the story of the pivotal role played by Thomas Jefferson at the start of the Revolution.
  27. The Proud Way, Originally broadcast 09/20/1948. The story of Varina Howell, who fell in love with Jefferson Davis and married the president of The Confederacy.
  28. Incident At Niagara, Originally broadcast 09/27/1948. The program originates from La Salle High School, Niagara Falls, New York. A dramatization of the interesting incident that occurred at Navy Island, near Niagara Falls, when the U. S. and Canada almost went to war! Incident At Niagara tells of a time of crisis of storm and tension on a Niagara frontier. In the role of Jeremy Hallett is Robert Montgomery and Anita Louise as Mary McDermott the girl Jeremy loves. It all happened over a hundred years ago when the shores of the Niagara River, boundary between the United States and Canada, were sprinkled with frontier towns and forts. Two of these on the American side were important to the people on the frontier as shipping terminals. This is the story in the words of young sailor Jeremy Hallett of what happened on the fateful day of December 31st 1837.
  29. Home To The Hermitage, Originally broadcast 10/11/1948. The program originates from The Municipal Auditorium, Chattanooga, Tennessee. The story of the hard road to the White House taken by Andrew Jackson and his wife Rachel.
  30. The Darkest Hour, Originally broadcast 10/18/1948. The story of Jack Jouett, who foiled a British plot to capture Thomas Jefferson.
  31. The Blue Cockade, Originally broadcast 11/01/1948. The story of the revolt of the troops of “Mad Anthony” Wayne and “The Mutiny Of The Pennsylvania Line.” The story of Tempe Wicke, the girl who helped the men to achieve justice.
  32. Betrayal, Originally broadcast 11/29/1948. The love story of Peggy Shippen and Benedict Arnold, and how they betrayed their country.
  33. Experiment At Monticello, Originally broadcast 01/10/1949. How President Jefferson proved the value of smallpox vaccination by using the vaccine on his family, his servants, and his slaves!
  34. One Last Romance, Originally broadcast 01/31/1949. Benjamin Franklin aids the romance of artist Benjamin West and his lover, imprisoned by an evil brother.
  35. The Store That Winked Out, Originally broadcast 02/07/1949. Abe Lincoln tries his hand at running a general store, and fails miserably. Ann Rutledge (great grand-niece of Lincoln’s wife) actually plays the part of Ann Rutledge!
  36. The Unheroic Hero, Originally broadcast 02/21/1949. The story of Captain Robert Stobo, who fought alongside General Washington during the French and Indian War, and spent years in a French prison.
  37. My Hunt After The Captain, Originally broadcast 03/14/1949. The story of the search made by Dr. Oliver Wendell Holmes for his soldier-son.
  38. Honest John Gaminski and the 13 Uncle Sams, Originally broadcast 04/18/1949. A crooked politician reforms as a result of a dream about a visit by Uncle Sam himself!
  39. Lady On A Mission, Originally broadcast 04/25/1949. James Monroe (the U. S. ambassador to France), and his wife Elizabeth, try to free Madame Lafayette from a Revolutionary War prison.
  40. Heard ’round the World, Originally broadcast 05/09/1949. The story of Daniel Chester French, the sculptor who created the famous statue of “The Minuteman.” The daughter of Daniel Chester French appears after the story and tells an anecdote about her father.
  41. The House Near Little Dock Street, Originally broadcast 05/16/1949. Ginger Rogers stars as housewife Lydia Darrow who lives in the framed house near Little Dock Street in this drama set in 1777 at the British Headquarters Philadelphia during the British occupation.
  42. Woman With A Sword, Originally broadcast 05/23/1949. The story of Anna Carroll and her “Tennessee Plan,” which helped to end the Civil War.
  43. The Reluctant Rebel, Originally broadcast 05/30/1949. The fall of Fort Ticonderoga is dramatized.
  44. Ridin’ Shotgun, Originally broadcast 06/20/1949. The story of Scott Davis of Deadwood, South Dakota, who rode shotgun on the Wells Fargo stage and set out to capture the Blackburn gang.
  45. Wire To The West, Originally broadcast 08/30/1949. The first show of the season. The story of Hiram Sibley and the first transcontinental telegraph system; how Western Union was started.
  46. Lay That Musket Down, Originally broadcast 09/06/1949. The story of how Christopher Ludwick, an immigrant baker from Philadelphia, helped General Washington win the Revolutionary War.
  47. Joe Palmer’s Beard, Originally broadcast 09/13/1949. A man of principles refuses to shave his beard, even when the whole town turns against him.
  48. Soldiers Of The Tide, Originally broadcast 10/04/1949. The story of how Lady Margaret Brent became the governor of the colony of Maryland.
  49. Strike A Blow For Liberty, Originally broadcast 11/01/1949. The story of Thomas Fortie, who thought the fight for liberty during the Revolution was not his fight.


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