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There are captivating audio files in our store that can used in conjunction with Dave Raymond’s American History course.

Stories provides audio files of historical dramatizations as well as profiles of historical figures and events which originally aired on the radio.

Songs delivers audio recordings of popular American election songs which provide a fun excursion across the American political landscape. These work with the second semester of the American History course.

You Are There is a collection of audio files of historical dramatizations that place you in the midst of a historical event as it unfolds.

Democracy in America is a series of historical dramatizations which bring to life important sections of Alexis de Tocqueville’s examination of American liberty as he observed it firsthand.

Mr. President is a set of audio dramatizations of an episode in a particular President’s life or administration, without using his name.

American History Curriculum

Master storyteller Dave Raymond delivers a dynamic history of the United States. This homeschool curriculum has transformed thousands of Middle School and High School students.

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