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Compass Classroom has produced popular video curriculum for homeschool families for over a decade. Now we are adding in-person classes for students in the Nashville area, as well as a new online approach.

The current environment has presented educational challenges for parents, so we are exploring some creative ways to teach using a combination of in-class and online approaches.

As with our other products, these classes are taught by experienced teachers, incorporate a Christian worldview, and are accessible online in our self-guided Learning Management System.

Types of Classes

We are offering two types of classes: traditional and flipped.

Each meets once a week for 60 minutes.

Both types of classes are recorded on video and placed within an online Learning Management System for access by in-person students at any time.

The classes listed below are also offered as online-only video series for students not wanting a live classroom environment, or for those living outside the Nashville area.

Traditional Classroom

These classes have a live classroom component with students in attendance once a week. They consist of lectures and in-class discussion. Classes are recorded and provided online for students.

Flipped Classroom

Students will watch existing Compass Classroom or third-party video products on their own each week outside of class. Once a week, students meet to review work, discuss the material, present projects, and more. Classes are recorded and provided online for students.


Fall Semester 2020
(14 weeks)

August 26 & 27 Classes begin

October 3-11 Fall Break

November 21-29 Thanksgiving Break

December 9 & 10 Last classes of semester

December 12 Christmas Break begins

Spring Semester 2021
(16 weeks)

January 10 Christmas Break ends

January 13 & 14 Classes begin

March 8-12 Spring Break

May 5 & 6 Last days of class


Wednesday Room 1 Room 2 Room 3
Dwane Thomas
10:00 - 11:00
Intro to Liberty
Kevin Kookogey
General Science
Bonnie Kookogey
Devotional Biology
Thomas Purifoy + Assistant
11:15 - 12:15
Who is God?
Kevin Kookogey
Physical Science
Bonnie Kookogey
Old Testament
Thomas Purifoy
12:15 - 1:15
1:15 - 2:15
American Literature
Ben Crist
Middle School Literature
Maggie Purifoy
World & British Literature
Thomas Purifoy
2:30 - 3:30
American History
Ben Crist
Thursday Room 3
9:20 - 10:20
Algebra I
Gigi Cowherd


Location & Setting

Since classes are filmed, each of the rooms is setup as a small studio, located at Maryland Farms in Brentwood, fewer than 5 minutes from I-65.

Class Size & Number

Class sizes are kept small in order to accommodate filming. There is no requirement for number of classes: students can take as many or a few as desired.

Enroll Now or Learn More!

We are happy to take late signups for the classes already started; students can catch up by watching the online recordings of missed lectures. If you are interested in being a part of one or more Compass Lectures, please click the link below.

Our Subjects

The following list is an overview of the classes that we are offering.


This course will focus on lively discussion as the way to approach literary analysis. We will implement Socratic questioning to generate these discussions, and writing assignments will flow from this analysis. Assignments will include comparison essay, expository essay, and a thesis paper. The following are some of the books we will be reading; the number of books will be limited to 8-10, giving us several weeks for discussion and writing per book. (The following is not complete and subject to change): The Adventures of Tom SawyerRomeo and JulietThe Hiding PlaceThe Fellowship of the RingJohnny TremainA Tale of Two CitiesAcross Five Aprils, and Murder on the Orient Express.

From its roots in the Christian west, American literature gave shape to new ideas even as it breathed life into existing forms such as the Biblical sermon, the ancient quest, and the medieval romance. This course will take the student from colonial writings to modern fiction, and survey both prose and poetry. The class will be divided between lecture and discussion formats. The student should expect frequent, guided readings and monthly writing assignments that will vary widely, e.g. speech, comparison, poetry, theme, and thesis. We'll develop a background in the Puritans, the essays and pamphlets of the Founders, and selections from Cotton Mather and Jonathan Edwards. Then, we will read novels, poetry, and short stories. Works studied may include (but are subject to change) the following: The Last of the Mohicans, Nathaniel Hawthorne's short stories, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, and The Red Badge of Courage in the first semester; Little Women, T.S. Eliot's poetry, The Great Gatsby, Flannery O'Connor's short stories, To Kill A Mockingbird, Travels with Charley, and Peace Like a River in the second semester.

We will explore the perennial theme of man trying to achieve happiness in spite of the difficulties of life. This course involves heavy reading, and will include either entire books or sections from The Odyssey, Confessions, The Divine Comedy, Hamlet, Pride & Prejudice, Heart of Darkness, All the King’s Men, and other novels and poems. Regular writing assignments include presenting papers publicly to the class in a seminar-style setting and regular discussion.

Literature classes do not include the cost of books. Some editions or translations may be specified by the teacher. These courses are intended to provide a full credit in English since they involve both literary discussion as well as analysis.


The first semester of General Science includes the study of geology, paleontology, archaeology, simple machines, science history, the scientific method and experimental design. The second semester serves as an introduction to life sciences and biology with focus on human anatomy and human physiology.

The Physical Science course invites students to see the world around them in a new light through thoughtful study of such fundamental subjects as atomic theory, general chemistry, physics, electricity, and gravity. We will use the tools of hands-on experimentation and inquisitive discussion to uncover how it is that we, as the handiwork of an awesome creator, exist in the natural world He has created. Class time is meant to supplement and enhance learning done at home. To this end, when we meet we will focus on learning from one another in community, and students are asked to come to class prepared to engage and contribute to that community. Although the majority of experiments will be performed in class, students will be asked to perform a number of experiments at home in order to heighten learning. In addition, the first tests of the year will be taken in class. After this, tests will be taken at home and signed by parents.

All science class costs include lab supplies and other fees. Devotional Biology includes videos, textbook, and lab equipment for experimentation.


This course covers algebraic foundations, solving equations and inequalities, units, linear graphs and equations, forms of linear equations, systems of equations, inequalities, functions, sequences, absolute value and piecewise functions, exponents and radicals, exponential growth and decay, quadratics and irrational numbers. Students will listen to lectures and complete homework assignments online through Khan Academy, then come to class with questions and problems. Class time will be split between discussions connecting math to metaphysics, history, art, music, and life, and working problems on the board and in small groups.

Math classes will include free third-party instructional videos for use during the week along with a live class for discussion, working on problems, and answering questions. All classes will also include brief discussions about the history of mathematics and the relationship between Christian theology, the physical world, and math. Textbooks and additional materials are not included in price. All classes could be used for one math credit.


History classes will use Dave Raymond’s History Series videos and readings outside of class (all materials included with class). Weekly quizzes/questions, project presentations, and discussions will occur during the actual class time. Classes will provide parents with enough material to seek one credit in social studies or history.

Foreign Language

Years ago, I noticed the Hispanic students in my classes grasped Latin more rapidly than students who had never learned Spanish. Intrigued, I began teaching myself Spanish. In the process I discovered two things. First, I discovered Spanish was heavily dependent upon Latin. Second, I discovered that I really liked Spanish! Join me as we jump into this very popular language. During this class we will be focusing on Spanish grammar, the connections between Spanish and Latin, and reading.

Our text will be All Spanish Method (1918) by Guillermo Hall, recommended by the author of my favorite Latin textbook, Lingua Latina per se illustrata. The link above allows you to download the textbook in various formats for computer, mobile device, or (selective) printing.

Freely-available electronic textbooks are available, with printed books available at additional cost. All classes will provide parents with enough material to seek one foreign language credit.


This will be an in-depth look at many aspects of the Old Testament, including the structure of Redemptive history, the relationship between archeology and the text, issues regarding authorship and inspiration, Israel and other ancient cultures, covenant and promise, and how the Old Testament leads to the coming of Jesus Christ. Alongside the Bible, we will use Charles Pfeiffer’s Old Testament History.

This course is ideal for any student desiring to better understand why the Christian Theistic worldview is the only worldview that can explain and account for everything, and why without the Christian Theistic worldview, one is unable to provide an intellectual defense for anything. The class would satisfy Bible, history, leadership, public speaking, persuasion, or other similar electives and/or requirements. However, because we tackle every topic relevant to life, the course will also give meaning and depth to science, philosophy, and politics. The class will be based on readings and lectures, with lots of class discussion and dialogue.

In the first semester, students memorize and recite scripture passages that form the basis of second semester argument. In the second semester, students will write a paper that is delivered via public speaking where the other students and I encourage and critique. The aim of the course is to confront ultimate things. At its conclusion, the student will possess a better understanding of the complete sufficiency of God, the insufficiency of human beings, and how to interpret all of reality. Consequently, the student should finish the course with better tools to effectively and confidently engage, love, and persuade atheists, agnostics, other non-believers, and even weaker Christians.

Government & Economics

This course will satisfy any one or more of the following academic requirements: world history, American history, the history of governments and free peoples, world cultures, American culture, Western Civilization, and public speaking. Our text is The Roots of American Order, by Russell Kirk, which traces the roots and history of America through its inceptions and influences, from Biblical history to Roman and Greek civilizations, the expansion of the Roman Empire to Great Britain, the middle ages, the Reformation, the Enlightenment period, the worldwide British influence, and finally to the founding of America and the establishment and development of its political and social order over the first 230 years. Requires approximately 2 hours of reading each week, and two (2) class papers (one in Fall semester; one in Spring). Student papers will be delivered via public speaking where the other students and I encourage and critique.

Some course material may be an additional cost. 

Other Classes/Electives

Additional classes and teachers are under consideration and may be announced in the coming weeks.

Creative Writing | 10th-12th | Traditional Classroom | Thomas Purifoy | No cost | Spring Semester/intended for Half Credit

Our Instructors

Ben Crist

Ben Crist has been teaching Latin and the Humanities in Classical and Christian schools for the last 15 years. 

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Ben Crist

Ben Crist

Ben Crist has been teaching Latin and the Humanities in Classical and Christian schools for the last 15 years. In addition to classroom and tutorial instruction, he has worked in school administration, curriculum development, and teacher training. Ben is a graduate of Vanderbilt University and serves as a deacon in his church. He lives with his wife and three children in Franklin where they homeschool.

Bonnie Kookogey

Bonnie Kookogey is the mother of six children whom she homeschools with her husband, Kevin. 

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Bonnie Kookogey

Bonnie Kookogey

Bonnie Kookogey is the mother of six children whom she homeschools with her husband, Kevin. Bonnie and Kevin have taught, led, and mentored students and parents in the homeschool community for 19 years. Bonnie graduated with a Bachelor of Science (Nursing) in 1987 from West Chester University, West Chester, PA, and she earned her Master's Degree in 1991 from St. Joseph's University in Philadelphia, PA. Bonnie worked initially as a registered nurse and was then licensed as a Nurse Anesthetist, practicing in both Philadelphia and Nashville for ten years.

Dwane Thomas

You may know Dwane from our popular Visual Latin product. 

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Dwane Thomas

You may know Dwane from our popular Visual Latin product. He is a magician: he’s spent over 15 years turning students into Latin speakers and readers. His secret? He’s one of those unique teachers who makes learning difficult subjects fun and enjoyable. Thousands of children have already been transformed through his magic: let yours be next. He has been teaching Latin since 1998, and never stops learning new languages!

Gigi Cowherd 

Gigi has tutored over a dozen kindergarten through college students in elementary math, algebra, geometry, precalculus, calculus, trig, and ACT prep. 

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Gigi Cowherd

Gigi has tutored over a dozen kindergarten through college students in elementary math, algebra, geometry, precalculus, calculus, trig, and ACT prep. She’s taught both science and art as an in-home educator, and assisted homeschool parents in curriculum layout and planning. She’s pursuing a BA at Lipscomb University in applied mathematics, fine art, graphic design, and media marketing. She believes that math and art are intrinsically linked, and are better understood together.

Kevin Kookogey

Kevin Kookogey is an entertainment attorney by trade. 

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Kevin Kookogey

Kevin Kookogey

Kevin Kookogey is an entertainment attorney by trade. He served as Tennessee State Chair for Ted Cruz for President 2016. Mr. Kookogey served as Chairman of the Williamson County Republican Party from 2011-2013, and Treasurer from 2009-2011. A grassroots political activist, Kevin is also a Heritage Action for America Sentinel and 2014 “Wall of Honor” recipient. In 2013, as President and Founder of Linchpins of Liberty, Kookogey was the first IRS target to testify before the House Ways & Means Committee concerning the Obama Administration’s unlawful obstruction and delay of tax-exempt status for his and hundreds of other conservative and liberty-minded organizations. Kookogey led the fight against Common Core in Tennessee, and has developed a reputation for leadership on issues of American sovereignty, defense, religious liberty and Christian apologetics. Kevin and his wife Bonnie have six (6) children and are long-time members of the Heritage Foundation. Kevin is also a member of The Philadelphia Society and a former member of Council for National Policy, and is President & Founder of The Kookogey Institute for the Study of Truth and The Advancing Church. The Kookogeys are members of Parish Presbyterian Church in Franklin, Tennessee.

Maggie Purifoy 

Maggie graduated from Covenant College in 1996 with a degree in Elementary Education. 

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Maggie Purifoy

Maggie Purifoy

Maggie graduated from Covenant College in 1996 with a degree in Elementary Education. She spent several years in the classroom, including working at Vienna Christian School in Austria. She helped her husband, Thomas, establish The American School of Lyon in France in 2000 - 2001. Since then, she has homeschooled her own 3 children; her oldest graduated high school in May 2020 and will be attending Samford University. In 2019-20, she taught Medieval History and Literature to a class of 7-9th graders (something she thoroughly enjoyed).

Thomas Purifoy 

Thomas Purifoy is a producer, writer, and director with Compass Cinema & Compass Classroom. 

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Thomas Purifoy

Thomas Purifoy

Thomas Purifoy is a producer, writer, and director with Compass Cinema & Compass Classroom. He has been the director of a classical school in France where he taught 20th Century History, English Literature, Film History, Old Testament, and Philosophy. Thomas has also served as an officer in the U.S. Navy and is a graduate of Vanderbilt University. He is married and has three daughters.


Simply complete the Registration Form on this page. You will be contacted personally to confirm your enrollment, review the schedule, receive payment instructions, and learn about our location. 

Notes about supplies can be found in the class descriptions above. For flipped classes, copies of required Compass Classroom products will be included. As our schedule of classes solidifies, teachers will include a syllabus that outlines individual class supplies.

In a flipped class, students watch video lectures, read books, and complete written assignments outside of the classroom. They then meet together in class once a week to discuss what they have learned, ask questions, grade assignments, and do public presentations. This enables students to go through much more material at their own pace and still have time to discuss and learn in a classroom setting. Our flipped classes will include Compass Classroom products, except for math courses which will use Khan Academy as described above.

LMS stands for Learning Management System. This is courseware such as videos, discussion questions, journal prompts, and assessments taken from our products and loaded into our Web site. Students proceed through the coursework at their own pace at home in between class meetings. Progress is saved, and parents have access through their customer accounts.

Great question! Our company is dedicated to assisting families in this work. We've created some new, free resource videos delivered by experienced homeschool moms at How I Homeschool. Look for the growing community there.

We also offer Carole Joy Seid's Homeschool Made Simple in our store. She is known around the world for her encouragement and guidance for homeschooling parents. She provides unique insight and wisdom both for moms new to homeschooling as well as for homeschool veterans.

Finally, reach out anytime via our site or directly to Ben Crist, Director of Curriculum And Content. We love and use our own products, and want to make sure your homeschool is equipped to do the same.

Credits indicate the amount of academic work accomplished by passing a given class. Compass Classroom is not a school or tutorial, but our instructors are experienced educators who have delivered classes which meet the amount of work needed to homeschool your child.
Depending upon your state, you may have different requirements when registering. Here in Tennessee, you will need to register with an umbrella school. The umbrella school legitimates your transcript and assists you in planning your child's high school curriculum. Two Christian umbrella schools we recommend are HomeLife Academy and The Comenius School.

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We are happy to take late signups for the classes already started; students can catch up by watching the online recordings of missed lectures. If you are interested in being a part of one or more Compass Lectures, please click the link below and fill out the interest form. There is no commitment required.

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