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Visual Latin 1

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Master a difficult subject and make it enjoyable with our entertaining Visual Latin curriculum.  Laid out in a clear, natural pace, Visual Latin is a simple addition for your homeschool family.  Parents love Dwane Thomas’ unique teaching style and use of humor to solidify memory – transforming students into Latin speakers and readers for over 15 years.

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Dwane Thomas is a Latin magician: he’s spent over 15 years turning students into Latin speakers and readers. His secret? He’s one of those unique teachers who makes learning difficult subjects fun and enjoyable. Thousands of children have already been transformed through his magic: let yours be next. Some unique benefits:

  • Uses a combination of short videos and worksheets for different learning styles
  • Keeps children engaged through clear explanations and fun humor
  • Includes Latin translations of simplified Vulgate Bible in every lesson
  • Combines the best aspects of the natural and traditional methods of learning

Ages: 10+

Credit: 1 Foreign Language (if specific sequence is followed)


  • 3 videos per lesson covering Grammar, Sentences, and Reading (~11.5 Hours Total)
  • PDF Worksheets (Or Printed Books)
  • Weekly Quizzes
  • Quizlet Vocabulary Flashcards Online
  • Teacher’s Guide with Scope and Sequence

Note: Dwane Thomas uses ecclesiastical pronunciation in Visual Latin. For an explanation of the differences, watch this video.

License: This product is licensed for use by one family. For group, co-op, or school use, each family will need to purchase a copy or purchase licenses for each student. For more information, visit our group license page.

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, ,


1 HS Foreign Language

Credit Amount



Lesson Length

about 7 minutes


Dwane Thomas


DVD, Download, Streaming, USB Thumb Drive


11 Hours, 18 Minutes

Addl Mtls

Student and Teacher Books (PDF or Physical Books)


A. Why Study Latin? (11:09)
B. How Visual Latin Works (6:19)

1. Being Verbs Basics | To Be and Not to Be (20:09)
2. Being Verbs Basics | Predicate Nominatives and Adjectives (16:28)
3. Gender | Boy Words and Girl Words (18:12)
4. Singular and Plural | E Pluribus Unum (21:14)
5. Declensions | Meet the Cases (21:50)
6. Adjectives Learn to Agree with Nouns (22:38)
7. The Case Files | Nominative and Genitive (24:24)
8. Counting to 10 in Latin (24:53)
9. Active Verb Basics | Indicative Mood (25:02)
10. The Case Files | Accusative (23:41)
11. The Case Files | Vocative (21:43)
12. Changing Your Moods | Imperative & Indicative (25:10)
13. The Case Files | Ablative (22:14)
14. Meet the Pronouns & Question Words (25:29)
15. Pronouns | Relative (28:11)
16. Accusing Prepositions of Accusative Case (23:02)
17. Verbs | Active & Passive (23:59)
18. The Case Files | Dative (23:52)
19. Pronouns | 1st & 2nd Person Personal (23:25)
20. Pronouns | 3rd Person Personal (24:48)
21. Pronouns | Demonstratives: this, these (22:22)
22. Pronouns | Demonstratives: that, those (26:35)
23. Pronouns | Relative and Interrogative (22:48)
24. Pronouns | Possessive (23:51)
25. Nouns | 3rd Declension – Regular and i-stem (22:22)
26. Verbs | Infinitives – Active and Passive (18:34)
27. Verbs | Infinitives – Ability, Negation & Indirect (23:35)
28. Nouns | 3rd Declension – Neuter & Adjectives (19:40)
29. Nouns | 4th Declension (20:14)
30. Adjectives | Positive & Comparative (18:32)

Sample Lessons

Sample Books

Sample the Worksheets & Quizzes

Sample the Teacher’s Guide


How to Teach Visual Latin: Don’t know where to begin with this product (or need a refresher)? Try our brief jumpstart guide to see how all the pieces fit together.

Visual Latin Resources: Additional links, videos, and games you can use to supplement the curriculum. Best of all, they’re free!

Visual Latin posts on our Blog: Stay up to date on the whys and hows of this product.


Frequently Asked Visual Latin Questions
There are always some basic Visual Latin questions we often hear. We’ve tried to pull all of them together in one place so you don’t have to go hunting about. (Or so we hope…)

Does the streaming service expire?
No. This is a purchase in perpetuity.

What age is Visual Latin for?
10 and up. Kids need to be able to read, but other than that, elementary kids love it, middle school kids love it, high school kids love it, college kids…you get the point.

How is everything sequenced out?  In other words, what’s a full year of Latin look like?
Visual Latin has two sections to it: Latin 1 and Latin 2. Each is intended to be taught in a single school year (although you can certainly speed up or slow down as you desire).  Each section has 30 classes, which correlates to about 1 class a week.

Is Visual Latin good for high school credit?
In terms of the material it covers,  Visual Latin Latin 1 (Lessons 1-30) and Latin 2 (Lessons 31-60) are each good for one high school foreign language credit (2 credits total). By itself, however, it will not provide a full 150 hours of work. Some parents are less concerned about this, but others may want to provide extra supporting materials for upper level high school students. For those who do, we recommend supplementing Latin 1 with Lingua Latina per se Illustrata. (The older version of LL without color is the same text and perfectly acceptable.)  We have created a free Visual Latin/Lingua Latina Teaching Guide that you can use to match them together over a two-year period.  [Note that Lingua Latina is a unique Latin only, college-level book. Visual Latin has been modeled on this book, and in terms of content, teaches exactly the same things.]

Do you have a list of errata for Visual Latin?
Yes! View an updated list of corrections for this product here. BTW, did you know errata is a Latin word?

73 reviews for Visual Latin 1

  1. Brooklynn (verified owner)

    I just love Visual Latin. It has been so helpful for me. My mom does not have to walk me through every single step; Dwayne is very funny and I learn so much!I love that it’s Christian and that we are learning how to read the Latin bible! It is also great because I have had a hard time learning Latin, so it is so great to be able to go back and watch the videos. It is so much more FUN to learn Latin, even though it could be a boring subject, Latin class is one of my favorite things! A lot of people think that I’m crazy for wanting to learn Latin, but it’s just really, really fun and so, so, so helpful with learning other langeges and I can not wait to get Visual Latin 2!! I went from saying, “Latin is a dead language: there’s no point!” to “Mom, please Latin now pleeeeeessseee can we do Latin now!”
    Age 11

  2. humphreybrandy (verified owner)

    My 13 year old looks forward to these lessons. He translates really well. I don’t need to help him at all.

  3. Brandy

    When you need to learn a difficult subject, there’s no sense in making the subject even more difficult by presenting it in a foreboding and difficult format. Visual Latin not only includes solid instruction, but it also includes comic relief, which is a welcome break in the study of a difficult subject. It’s for this reason (and several others which you can read at that we highly recommend Visual Latin!

  4. Amanda Bradshaw

    We have been doing Henle for a couple years. We got lost when verbs got complicated. We pressed in, got outside help, and still ended up confused. I didn’t feel like my kids were ready for Dwane’s Henle course and we were a bit burnt out on it anyway so we made the switch to Visual Latin. I love so many more things about it than I thought I would. (And so does my student) Small things like larger text in the exercises. Light things like jokes and fun. Deep things like learning vocab that is edifying (instead of dead bodies in the river in Henle). And academic things like continual review. I can’t say thank you enough.

  5. Corlia J

    Since the introductory lesson we were hooked. The presenter makes it so easy and simple to understand Latin.

  6. Tara C (verified owner)

    Visual Latin allows my three children to work independently and learn Latin at their own pace.

  7. Heather B

    My daughter LOVES it. She has used Henle for 3 years and hated Latin. We switched to VL this year and she is learned so much!! And has enjoyed it! Right from Lesson 1.

  8. Denice H

    My son actually enjoys Latin! This is not your average, dry and boring Latin class.

  9. Rachel O

    Visual Latin has done the impossible—inspired a group of kids ages 7-14 to want to learn Latin before they’re done learning English grammar, and whoa, has this course improved their understanding of English (mine too)! My kids got all their friends to buy Visual Latin as well, and though it does get too hard around Lesson 14 for the younger set to finish, they’ll just repeat it in a few years. I’ve used the vocabulary lists and quizzes to keep them reviewing the concepts so they’ll retain them. Too. Much. Fun.

  10. Rebecca R

    We like it, my kids don’t think they are learning anything and kind of balk at doing it but then when they fill out their sheets and quizzes they know the words. ha! jokes on them

  11. Debra B

    Dwane Thomas makes learning Latin fun for any age child! We have used six or seven different Latin programs over our homeschool career, and this is the one I recommend to people all the time. I don’t even know where to start in telling how much I love it. My kids laugh in class, which says a lot. This isn’t just a bunch of chanting declensions, or other activities that feel pointless to your average 10-year-old boy. The course is not easy, but it isn’t boring either. I love that the videos show Dwane misspeaking and either correcting himself or corrections are put onto the video, as that is one aspect of homeschooling via video that I do think is a big problem. Kids don’t get the chance to see that grown-ups (and teachers especially) don’t always get everything right, and you can be an effective teacher even if you don’t get everything right every time. The Visual Latin classes feel a lot more like a REAL live class, not a scripted performance.

  12. Andrea T (verified owner)

    Dwane Thomas’s Visual Latin is fun, engaging, and logical. My son and I both have preferred his methods over Henle Latin, which we had previously studied.

  13. Kristen P

    Fantastic! Easy to understand!

  14. Christine H

    We love these videos! They are full of instruction peppered with some silliness, and it makes it manageable. Very interesting and fun.

  15. Jami S

    Dwayne has completely changed how my kids feel about learning. Visual Latin is an extremely fun and effective course. After studying with Dwayne, my kids are excited about how much they’ve learned as they now recognize new meanings of words they’ve always heard and seen. This course is first class and we look forward to Visual Latin 2 and 3.

  16. Wendy P

    I cannot give a brief review….Visual Latin is the best thing since sliced bread!!

  17. Connie K

    Presently, I am using Visual Latin to 8-10 year olds at our co-op in Ohio. My daughter and I have been in Classical Conversations for 8 years. I feel I have learned more in the last year than I have up till now with CC and Henle. Dwane makes learning Latin enjoyable, and easier to understand. His three prong approach, wit, candor and relaxed style are all examples of his excellent teaching abilities. My students enjoy his videos and we love learning Latin because of Visual Latin. Thank you Mr. Thomas!

  18. The Zhou Kapows (verified owner)

    Hello Dwane!

    This is the Zhou family here and yesterday, Roy, my 74 year old great-grand father told me that this course was amazing. My brother tried it too and he liked it. I started this a few months ago and I liked it too. It has good vocab. I went to your YouTube channel and it is so good I subscribed to your channel using 12 channels. I mastered the course and I am coming first in my class. As my great grand father says, I can FINALLY cross latin off my BUCKET LIST! When I get a daughter or a son I’m sooooooo letting them do this course. My great- great mother, Royala, went to find all these latin sites, none of them worked except for this. Thank you sooooo much. Thank you

    The Zhou Kapows


  19. Roy (verified owner)

    I am very pleased with the results of this lesson I can now fluently translate to latin, Im 74 and i’m glad I can cross that of my bucket list.]

    can’t wait for visual latin 2
    – Roy Zhou kapow

  20. Kristin

    Just finished lesson 30 (Latin I) with my soon-to-be 9 year old. 15 months of blood, sweat and laughs. We’ve been so pleased with this program. I was able to make minor modifications, given his age, but all in all he “gets it” and can translate very well. Looking forward to Latin II! Thank you for providing these programs to the homeschool world.

  21. A.Z.

    If you want your child to make a good start in Latin we recommend this curriculum. Dwane is a fantastic teacher, with a great sense of humor, my son enjoys the Visual Latin lessons and finds them easy and entertaining. As a language teacher, I know how difficult can be motivating the students, Dwane has a gift. The lessons are interesting and seeing the proud face of your child after his first independent translation is invaluable!

  22. Mandy

    My 15 yr old dyslexic son announced today, “Mom, I like this new Latin program.” After I recovered from the shock of my life, I asked him what made it different from the two more expensive programs we previously attempted? He described how learning verbs and questions in the first lesson made a huge difference. He likes the fact there are no lengthy vocabulary lists but it is all neatly integrated into the text. He likes the fact he gets to circle the answers and “fix” the sentences. He finally understood the conjugation of “sum” despite being taught this twice before by the other programs. [Dwane] does an excellent job of teaching since he is a fluent speaker. He also commented that it helps there is no distracting clothing to contend with. He also liked the fact the DVD was much easier to use than the CD-ROM program we attempted previously that required a lot of distracting keyboard entry. He stated he has to pause the DVD several times to write down his notes but this is not surprising. This child has several “learning disabilities” to contend with – recent testing states he has dyslexia, dygraphia (difficulty writing), ADD that required medication and a 17% processing speed for age. Despite these inherent issues, my son was able to successfully complete Lesson One without the usual frustration and complaints. He was so PLEASED with his accomplishment! He is FINALLY learning a foreign language after five years of failure! While my son uses an English pronunciation, he comprehends the ecclesiastical pronunciation we use at home as well as the DVD. Not sure how this will affect his Spanish studies in the future (did I mention this child is determined to learn Spanish?) but we’ll cross that bridge later. I am guessing the complaint about not learning verbs early on comes from his Rosetta Stone studies… Thank you so much for putting this program together.

  23. Maree

    Thank you for creating this fantastic course. This is helping me learn Latin along with the kids. We LOVE Dwane’s style of teaching. Can’t speak highly enough…. I now know how to identify predicate nominatives & adjectives PLUS I understand masculine, feminine, neuter endings!! THANK YOU for this wonderful gift.

  24. Philip

    I think Visual Latin is a great way to learn Latin. The lessons are very basic and easy to understand, because students can learn by hearing Latin and seeing Latin. It’s a very convenient course, because students can watch the lessons at any time and however many times they want to watch them. I also think that many students will enjoy learning via videos. A student can fast forward the video if the lesson is too easy, or a student can rewind the video if they are struggling with understanding the lesson. I think Visual Latin is a very fun and effective way to learn Latin.

  25. Deneen

    I thought you might find this encouraging and even interesting that I am a 47 year old home schooling mother of two boys, ages 16 and almost 13. I have never studied a second language and neither have our boys – until Visual Latin. Guess what? We’re all three doing this program. I really can’t believe I’m actually studying Latin. I only decided to do this after I decided it would help the older son if he had somebody doing it with him. I had only planned on my 16 year old doing this for his foreign language credits. I’m really actually enjoying this and it gives my brain great exericse – HA! I have been a medical transcriptist working at home for years and knowing lots of medical terms is really coming in handy learning Latin!! Thank you for such a great first experience at learning a foreign language for all three of us.

  26. Leticia

    The download was quick, the visual is clear and the audio is crisp. You are funny, as usual, and entertaining. I’m biased 😀 I think you’re wonderful!! I also thought the 6 minute short lessons were good as opposed to a much longer lesson for video.

  27. Dana

    Yesterday we did lesson 2, predicate nominative/adjective. I LOVED it! The English grammar lesson was great and so understandable. It was a great review for the kids. Our English program never gave a good explanation for the difference between linking and helping in the state of being verbs. Dwane’s explanation helped my kids have an “aha” moment.

  28. Nancy

    My 5 yoB, 7 yoB and 10 yoG watched it with me and were mesmerized (ok, so was I). I am a wish-I-had Latin student (5 years of French) and am looking forward to learning Latin with my last 3 children. You were personable, friendly, engaging, funny, memorable and straight-forward. Your teaching style meets all our needs…visual, auditory and with the words on the screen, note-taking becomes kinesthetic learning. I like that it is with out “takes” just like a classroom!

  29. Lori

    After watching just a few videos, my son went from complaining about having to learn Latin to Latin being his favorite subject. He thinks that Dwane is a ‘funny guy’ and that learning Latin is fun. As an adult I was intimidated by the thought of teaching a language I did not know. Dwane has made teaching Latin painless. I’m learning right along with my son.

  30. Monique

    I must tell you that your approach to teaching Latin is very refreshing! I have a BA in Spanish, and I have been at a loss to find a language program that makes sense to me. Visual Latin is it! Your introductory videos have been very helpful for me to help communicate to my highschooler why I think Latin is so very beneficial. I am hoping to get her interested as well. Thank you again.

  31. Carol

    Dwane, thanks so much for your Visual Latin curriculum. After trudging through a different Latin program for about a year, my kids were pretty pessimistic. Now, they look forward to learning. Thanks for this practical and light-hearted approach. Our whole family is enjoying the learning.

  32. Brett

    We find the instructor very entertaining. He speaks directly to the students and doesn’t is very human. His humor adds to his teaching. His love for learning languages is infectious.
    The pace the program moves at is very nice. The variety of lecture, sentence practice, and Latin readings is nice. The short (less than 10 minutes) videos are the perfect length to explain the lesson without being too long and our eyes glazing over. The lessons are very focused and not repetitive to the point of boredom. There is just enough reinforcement to grasp the topic.

  33. Michelle

    Okay, My 14 yo son just told me he has learned more in 2 lessons of VL than he learned in 2 years with Rosetta Stone (online through a school license.) He is starting lesson 5 and is excited about of working with Lingua Latina after Visual Latin because, “now that he is translating for Mr. Thomas he is ready for the challenge of working in a book that is ALL Latin.” Again, this a 14 year old boy who loves video gaming, football… he is a normal teenage boy who now also happens to be REALLY excited about studying Latin! Thank you for a great (and very affordable) program!

  34. Christopher

    After watching the sample videos I was convinced my children would enjoy learning this important piece of their education. The lessons are thorough, nicely paced, and even fun. I consider Latin an essential part of an education meant for college-bound students, and Visual Latin definitely fills the bill.

  35. Melissa

    The kids (who are starting 4th grade and 3rd grade) are really enjoying their lessons. Visual Latin has been fun and engaging without being too intense for my elementary schoolers.

  36. Jenny

    My teenagers and I are loving Visual Latin. We attempted a so-called simple home school friendly Latin program a few years ago, but gave up. I never thought we would be able to learn Latin. I assumed I was simply too old myself and that my kids would just need to push through a quick Spanish program through our Florida Virtual School just to get credit on their transcripts. I am so grateful to have found Visual Latin!

  37. Abihake

    My 13 y/o daughter and 12 y/o son are learning tons and ENJOYING learning Latin. Just enough info without going overboard and no jingles which my son really appreciates. My husband was impressed when after 4 weeks my daughter spouts out in Latin during a conversation together. I would recommend to anyone who likes a no nonsense approach to learning Latin that is engaging. Children are able to complete lessons on their own and require very little support on my end.

  38. Lisa Hester

    We have tried a few different Latin curriculums, but this is our favorite hands down! The approach of getting the kids reading and translating Latin as soon as possible is such a great motivator! We are also using Visual Latin with Lingua Latina. Thank you for a fantastic product!!!

  39. Heather B

    I also wanted to tell you how much we love Visual Latin! It has been an answer to prayer! My son is transitioning from homeschooling to a private Christian high school, where the kids have had Latin since 4th grade and we have never studied it. We are taking a crash course with your program this summer, and it is excellent!!!! I was so dreading trying to figure out how to study Latin from a dry textbook this summer, the mere thought of it sounded agonizing to me. But you all have been a huge blessing to us by providing us with this excellent course! Not only is my son learning A LOT, but he is also really enjoying it. Thank you for bringing people on board that realize the fact that learning is fun!

  40. J.Elyssa

    I had previously tried another Latin program. While it was good, it was not very engaging and left me bored and confused. I am in middle school. This program has short, concise lessons so it never seems overwhelming or painful. Yet the material moves along quickly. I especially like the quizlet vocabulary lists to help practice all the new words in fun ways. The teacher is rather silly but that makes him engaging and approachable. I am really enjoying Latin this year and am glad we switched programs. I highly recommend this program.”

  41. Tiffany

    “My 10 year old daughter and I are enjoying this course. It is engaging and valuable to our study of Latin. We are merely trying to build up Classical Conversations memory work in preparation for her transition into Challenge next year, and this program is definitely an asset!”

  42. Tarah

    How many classes have your kids laughing out loud? Visual Latin with Dwane Thomas has made learning Latin fun for my family. My sons actually look forward to Latin class. They often bring me their Latin papers giggling because of some funny question or answer choice. I really appreciate the joy that has been added to what could have been (and usually is) a dry curriculum.

  43. Lisa G

    We are using Visual Latin this year. It is a wonderful program. The kids love their teacher and the info is not too hard to keep up with.

  44. Betty

    I like the way they teach Latin. It is easy to understand and relates to our everyday life.

  45. Christine

    Visual Latin is one of my favorite Latin products. Dwane’s teaching style is interesting and witty, he makes the kids laugh, and they remember what he has taught them. The grammar we learn through Latin is going right along with their daily grammar curriculum and has helped them understand what they are learning in other subjects, this makes learning Latin so practical for my children.

  46. Renee

    Visual Latin is a fun and interesting way to learn a challenging subject. My children enjoy the videos and the way they learn to use some of the Latin words in today’s world.

  47. Stephanie

    Visual Latin is such an innovative and fun program. I feel my kids can absorb the basics of this foundational language to better understand their own. We even have discussions in everyday life about the Latin form of a word–something I never dreamed would happen.

  48. Melissa

    My children love the teaching style in Visual Latin, particularly the little bit of humor included. They are also excited to watch each lesson!

  49. Terri

    If you are learning Latin, you cannot beat Mr. Thomas, especially alongside the laugh-riot that is Henle Latin. Mr. Thomas is engaging, funny, and clear. Well worth the time and money.

  50. Rachel H D

    My two girls loves VL. They crack up over the silly “Dad jokes”.

  51. Nancy K

    We LOVE his Latin class. My daughter looks forward to it.

  52. Kat B

    We love Latin with Dwane Thomas!

  53. Trish P

    My kids had Mr. Thomas as a teacher in a full time school many years ago. Hands down he is still their favorite teacher of all time!

  54. Lara C

    My 12 year old linguistic son loves it! 7:30am faithfully watching. Even asked for a Latin Vulgate Bible for Christmas.

  55. A.Z.

    The lessons are interesting and seeing the proud face of your child after his first independent translation is invaluable!

  56. Lori

    After watching just a few videos, my son went from complaining about having to learn Latin to Latin being his favorite subject.

  57. Monique

    I must tell you that your approach to teaching Latin is very refreshing!

  58. Cristopher

    The lessons are thorough, nicely paced, and even fun.

  59. Melissa

    Visual Latin has been fun and engaging without being too intense for my elementary schoolers.

  60. Lisa

    My children LOVE your videos….where were you 14 years ago when I started homeschooling?

  61. Burt

    I am learning Latin along with my now 8-year-old son. We started two years ago with Song School Latin and transitioned beautifully to Visual Latin this year. I am planning on working through the first 30 lessons in 2 years which means we take 2 weeks to finish a lesson and that works well for us.

  62. Holly

    Visual Latin has engaged both of my boys (ages 10 & 13) in learning a foreign language. We had been using a different Latin program for 2 years. They had begun to resent doing the lessons, so I decided to try to find a different curriculum that would be both engaging and able to overcome the drudgery of doing Latin daily. A friend recommended Visual Latin & said her 5 kids found the teacher funny & enjoyable. I decided to use the free trial to see for myself. My kids found the lessons interesting & enjoyed the humor. After each video they like telling the joke or story that they found funny. It seems like they don’t find Latin frustrating or boring since we switched to Visual Latin. Having an online video to watch is
    really helpful in a foreign language because of the pronunciations.

  63. Danielle

    Visual Latin is all-encompassing. The videos are engaging and the worksheets are straight forward. The availability of the quizzlet web site for the kids to practice their words has been very helpful.

  64. Diana

    Visual Latin is a fun, painless way to learn Latin. Dwayne is hilarious, and the students love him. Sit with your students and learn with them, or they may laugh at your expense! Semper ubi sub ubi!

  65. Juliana

    Visual Latin has become the “treat” of our homeschool day. When my daughter gets the rest of her work done she “gets” to learn Latin. Dwane is the right mix of learning and goofy humor to keep her learning. We are learning Latin together and enjoying it.

  66. Christy

    Compass Classroom has quality products. Our children are learning Latin using Visual Latin. The dvds are engaging and helpful. The content is not easy but the presentation keeps them interested. My girls loved WordUp! The Vocab Show and did not have to be prompted to do their lessons. We would love to see more of that!

  67. Kristin

    The products we use from Compass not only are great at teaching our kids, one thing that you don’t get from other curriculum is the laughter from the amusing things they state while they learn. It takes the seriousness off of either learning a new language or learning about historical facts. I love the laughter from my student.

  68. Michelle

    Visual Latin was a great program to introduce Latin to middle school or high school students. Sometimes the material can be dry, or difficult, but Dwane Thomas made it
    entertaining. We all learned a lot!

  69. Carla

    Visual Latin is a great curriculum to help lay the foundations of language learning for your student. The method and approach to language learning that Mr. Thomas uses address different learning styles, so that every student will be able to learn Latin in the the way that best suits him. Moreover, they will come away with a nice repertoire of silly jokes. My children have enjoyed this curriculum and their retention for the language has been excellent.

  70. Tania

    We love Visual Latin in our homeschool. Someone recommended Visual Latin to me and I am so glad they did. It is funny and engaging, and latin has become our favorite subject.

  71. Marnie

    Compass Classroom provides great video instruction and interaction because my son is visual and loves online learning. Dwayne is great!! A friend of mine uses his Latin curriculum and suggested it for us. Very engaging, entertaining, really appreciate the words displayed in the video while he’s talking, and he’s so knowledgeable. I am no Latin expert and this is an amazing resource!

  72. Neysa

    Visual Latin is fun and easy on mom. The kids are enjoying it immensely, love to laugh at the jokes and they are learning so much.

  73. Allison

    Latin class that they enjoyed and opened the door to continuing the study of Latin and had a big influence on their English skills and testing well.

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