Spanish Grammar (Lectures)

Dwane Thomas, of Visual Latin and WordUp! fame, teaches kids introductory Spanish using an unusual and effective new approach based on Latin grammar.


From Dwane Thomas: “Years ago, I noticed the Hispanic students in my classes grasped Latin more rapidly than students who had never learned Spanish. Intrigued, I began teaching myself Spanish. In the process I discovered two things. First, I discovered Spanish was heavily dependent upon Latin. Second, I discovered that I really liked Spanish! Join me as we jump into this very popular language. During this class we will be focusing on Spanish grammar, the connections between Spanish and Latin, and reading.”

I’m going to try to keep things as simple as possible.

The goal of this class is to get you to an intermediate/lower advanced reading level in Spanish.  By the end of the first year, I would like you to have the ability to read the New Testament in Spanish.

Homework is going to essentially be the same thing every week.

First, read the chapter we are studying. For example—if we are in chapter 3, read chapter 3. For the first week, there is no reading homework.  We will start reading week two.

Second, listen to the New Testament in Spanish. This will give you a pronunciation reference. Throughout the year, I will recommend other places to go for pronunciation, but start here.  This is your homework during the first week.  Bookmark this page and begin listening to the New Testament in Spanish.  A half-hour a day, or so, is fine.  Listen while you empty the dishwasher, clean your room, or some other chore that doesn’t require much thought.

Third, take the tests, available as downloadable PDFs linked to the course videos. Parents or students will have to grade those tests personally.

That’s it.

Of course, there are many other things you can do.  I have been studying languages most of my life and have discovered lots language learning tips.  I will share these tips with you in class.

But, you need to remember this.  Most learners, and many teachers way underemphasize the tremendous power of reading.  If you don’t do anything else, read.  Read the book.  Read the chapters each week.  And, then read them again.  And again.

As the Romans used to say, repetition is the mother of memory.  Read.  Read.  Read.

This course is part of the Compass Lectures Series where veteran teachers are filmed as they teach in an actual classroom. This product includes streaming access to the videos filmed live in Nashville. Assignments for local students are explained on the videos and in the course steps. However, parents are solely responsible for assigning and grading this work.

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You may know Dwane from our popular Visual Latin product. He is a magician: he’s spent over 15 years turning students into Latin speakers and readers. His secret? He’s one of those unique teachers who makes learning difficult subjects fun and enjoyable. Thousands of children have already been transformed through his magic: let yours be next. He has been teaching Latin since 1998, and never stops learning new languages!


Download Scope & Sequence With Assignments

  1. Spanish is Filled with English Words
  2. Forming Basic Sentences
  3. The Past Tense in Spanish
  4. The Preterite Tense
  5. Madrigal’s Magic Key to Spanish Pt. 1
  6. Madrigal’s Magic Key to Spanish Pt. 2
  7. Madrigal’s Magic Key to Spanish Pt. 3
  8. Er and –Ir Verbs
  9. Plural Verbs and Adjectives
  10. Past Tense: –Er and –Ir verbs, Irregular verbs: Estar and Ser.
  11. Present Participles
  12. The Present Tense
  13. Present Tense Plural & Past Tense Irregular Pt. 1
  14. Present Tense Plural & Past Tense Irregular Pt. 2
  15. Past Participles
  16. Pronunciation
  17. Present, Past, Future
  18. Radical Verbs Pt. 1
  19. Radical Verbs Pt. 2
  20. Radical Verbs Pt. 3
  21. The Verb ir
  22. Past Participles
  23. Irregular Verbs
  24. Direct Object Pronouns
  25. Indirect Object Pronouns
  26. Reflexive Verbs
  27. The Imperfect Tense
  28. Commands
  29. Subjunctive

Sample Lesson

This lecture was delivered during the second week of classes


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