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Visual Latin 2

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Visual Latin lessons pair three videos with worksheets and online flashcards to guide students from grammar concepts, to practice sentences, to reading in Latin. Kids everywhere love it!

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Dwane Thomas is a Latin magician: he’s spent over 15 years turning students into Latin speakers and readers. His secret? He’s one of those unique teachers who makes learning difficult subjects fun and enjoyable. Thousands of children have already been transformed through his magic: let yours be next.
Some unique benefits to Visual Latin:

Uses a combination of short videos and worksheets for different learning styles
Keeps children engaged through clear explanations and fun humor
Includes Latin translations of simplified Vulgate Bible in every lesson
Combines the best aspects of the natural and traditional methods of learning

Visual Latin includes:

  • 3 videos per lesson covering Grammar, Sentences, and Reading
  • PDF Worksheets
  • Weekly Quizzes
  • Quizlet Vocabulary Flashcards Online
  • Teacher’s Guide with Scope and Sequence

Note: Dwane Thomas uses ecclesiastical pronunciation in Visual Latin. For an explanation of the differences, watch this video.
Make sure to visit our Resources page for additional Latin learning materials.

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31. Nouns | 5th Declension & Superlative Adjectives
32.   Adjectives | Irregular Comparison
33.   1 to 100 | Cardinals, Ordinals, and Fractions
34.   Pronouns | Reflexive
35.   Adjectives | Indefinite & Irregular
36.   Conjugations and Macrons
37.   Verbs | Present Tense
38.   Verbs | Imperfect Tense
39.   Verbs | Future Tense
40.   Verbs | Four Principle Parts Review
41.   Principle Parts
42.   Supine/Perfect Passive Participle
43.   The Other Participles
44.   Future Infinitives
45.   Perfect Tense
46.   Pluperfect Tense
47.   Future Perfect Tense
48.   Volo, Nolo, Malo
49.   Deponent Verbs
50.   Impersonal Verbs
51.   Gerunds
52.   Adverbs
53.   Introduction to Subjunctive
54.   Ut and Ne
55.   Imperfect Subjunctive
56.   Gerundives
57.   Perfect, Fear and Cum
58.   Pluperfect, Indirect Discourse
59.   Verbs | Ablative Absolute
60.   Verbs | Fio, Comparative Subjunctive


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