why study history

Why Study History?

History is a complex subject encompassing a sometimes overwhelming amount of information. Our history teacher reminds us of the many excellent reasons to enjoy and pursue knowledge of this topic.

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1950s Movies

Great Films from the 1950s

You won’t want to miss this list of some of the best movies of all time. Unforgettable music, court drama, suspense, and even a chariot race await you in these classic films.

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Great Films From The 1940s

It’s hard to imagine classic movies without these greats from the pinnacle of the Gold Age of filmmaking. See if your favorites made our list, and discover some new classics to share as a family.

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1920s films movies

Great Films from the 1920s

A fascinating time in filmmaking, the 1920s has some of the best silent films along with the first “talkies”. Another great list of must-see movies for film lovers and history buffs alike.

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american history books

American History Books for Children

Dave Raymond’s American History includes many selections from original materials. We’ve received requests from homeschool parents asking for a supplemental book list. We have compiled a list arranged in loose chronological order by the time period covered in the story.

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