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Why Read Poetry

Why Read Poetry?

Your homeschool students might be wondering, why ready poetry?! Helping them understand that poetry is far more exciting than nursery rhymes might spark an interest.

essay writing

5 Tips for Essay Writing

Essay writing develops more than just writing skills. These tips will help with assigning and grading homeschool essays.

read alouds for the whole family

10 Best Read-Alouds for the Whole Family

Continue reading to your children long after they can read by themselves. This special quality time of adventure and discovery can be shared together as a family.

how to read well by C.S. Lewis

How To Read Well According to C.S. Lewis

Learn to be a more thoughtful reader from one of the most accomplished writers and thinkers of the 20th Century. These suggestions will broaden your mind and help you think more deeply while you read.

Classics for High Schoolers

Classics Every High Schooler Should Read

This list of great books organized by historical time period will enrich your high schoolers curriculum. These are some of the best stories of all time and exceptional works of literature, philosphy, history, and poetry.

Classics for Middle School Reading

Classics Every Middle Schooler Should Read

Exposing your middle schoolers to great books can give them a life-long love of great literature. This list of inspiring classics introduces strong characters and timeless stories that kids love.