Writing with the Bog Owl

Professor Jonathan Rogers of Grammar for Writers exposes his craft in one of his books to help writers gain confidence in their own voices and power to create.

Part of the new Creative Writing Through Literature series.


Writing with the Bog Owl delivers the most authentic creative writing instruction possible—learning from a published author! Jonathan Rogers shares the influences on his own book, The Bark of the Bog Owl, and condenses his advanced studies of literature for readers young and old alike. Dr. Rogers has written The Wilderking Trilogy, The World According to Narnia, and other books.

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Writing with the Bog Owl is part of the new series Creative Writing Through Literature. Purchase the whole series or explore one of the lecture sets for your homeschool:

Sample Lessons

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Watch sample lectures from Writing through the Wardrobe, the first installment of this series.


  1. Setting and Originality
  2. Third-Person Close Narration
  3. Bayard, Objectivity, Subjectivity
  4. Where Did Feechiefolk Come From?
  5. The Wilderking Chant
  6. Writing In-Scene and Out-0f-Scene
  7. Incongruity
  8. Into the Swamp
  9. Among the Feechies
  10. Moving Parts
  11. Fishing Trip, Feechie Feast
  12. Foreshadowing, Expectations
  13. Judgment, Motive
  14. Single Combat
  15. The False Peak
  16. The Miner-Scouts
  17. Narrative Layers
  18. Climax, Falling Action, Resolution


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