Word Up! The Vocab Show - Vol. 2
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Word Up! – Vol. 2

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 Volume 2 of 3 of the WordUp Series  A homeschool family favorite curriculum that expands your student’s vocabulary in a whole new way! Dwane Thomas of Visual Latin stars in this entertaining game show which uses the study of Latin and Greek roots to expand your student’s grasp of the vocabulary used in literature, science, and standardized tests.



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Dwane Thomas of Visual Latin fame stars in a zany show teaching Latin and Greek roots, as well as hundreds of English words. Utilizing a new approach to learning, WordUp! seriously expands a student’s grasp of the vocabulary used in literature, science, and standardized tests.


  • 10 Video Lessons (12-15 min each)
  • 20 Latin & Greek Roots
  • 200+ English words
  • Links to Online Vocabulary Flashcards
  • Printable Flashcard PDFs

License: This product is licensed for use by one family. For group, co-op, or school use, each family will need to purchase a copy or purchase licenses for each student. For more information, visit our group license page.

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Lesson Length

about 18 minutes


Dwane Thomas


DVD, Download, Streaming, USB Thumb Drive


3 Hours, 3 Mins

Sample Lessons


Along with the videos, there are quizlet links for each Episode:

Epsiode 1 – Phero

Episode 1 – Porto

Try More Sample Lessons


  1. Carry – Porto & Phero (19:51)
  2. Foot – Pedis & Podos (14:25)
  3. Word – Verbum & Logos (15:33)
  4. Light – Lux, Lucere & Phos, Photos (17:30)
  5. Life – Vita & Bios (21:45)
  6. Man – Vir, Homo & Anthropos, Andros (19:18)
  7. Sound – Sonus & Phone (20:32)
  8. Head – Caput & Kephale (18:41)
  9. People – Populus & Demos (15:28)
  10. Across – Trans & Dia (19:59)


How to Teach  Word Up!: Don’t know where to begin with this product (or need a refresher)? Try our brief jumpstart guide to see how all the pieces fit together.

Word Up! Resources: Additional links, videos, and games you can use to supplement the curriculum. Best of all, they’re free!


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9 reviews for Word Up! – Vol. 2

  1. Jessica Ott


  2. Debra B

    This program is amazing. This is the best vocabulary program I’ve seen. I love the theme approach of using a Latin and Greek root for the same word and exploring derivatives. Even with vocabulary words that are already familiar, the format of looking at the Latin/Greek roots helps to teach how to figure out unfamiliar vocabulary. I particularly like that there are flashcard exercises available to continue to work with the vocab after the video lesson. Dwane Thomas, as usual, makes it so my kids are laughing and learning, so telling them we’re going to do vocabulary isn’t met with groans and “Do we HAVE to?”

  3. Jami S

    In a few words, it’s an engaging and funny show that turns out to be highly educational. The presentation makes the information stick like glue. Thumbs up!

  4. Marcy

    “We may never get to math. Ben wants to watch “just one more” WordUp video.”

  5. Lisa

    We love Word Up! My boys ask to watch the videos and love to show it to anyone who visits our home. They find Dwayne hysterical and are learning in a super fun way. I love the fact that I can access tests, review, flash cards etc. through quizlett. Can’t wait for the next dvd!

  6. Mary

    We’ve tried WordUp as an entertainment/educational program. As such, the family gets together over popcorn or lunch in front of the big screen TV with the program downloaded on
    our little hard drive, plug it in and enjoy. It is great for laughs while you imbibe the information. Now that’s what I call learning!

  7. Jennifer

    We have been really pleased with Visual Latin and Word Up the Vocab show. The productions are very educational and funny. All my children enjoy them. It covers lots of different types of learners. We have showed them to friends who like them as well. Keep up the great work, we look forward to more great products. Prices are very good.

  8. Becky

    We have thoroughly enjoyed the Word-Up video lessons. My daughter thinks they are very funny, as well as easy to learn. Presentation is excellent and perfect for capturing the attention of pre-teens and teenagers.

  9. Michel

    Refreshing! Very helpful and fun resources that address areas that are beyond my scope of knowledge. As a bonus, my 4 year old will never forget what defenestrate means, nor the potato sack joke.

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