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Homeschool Resources

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Homeschool Planner

Homeschool Planner

44 pages of organizational charts, scheduling sheets, subject frequency planner, to-do lists and goal sheets

American History Go Fish Cards

American History Go Fish Game

Make learning history fun by playing Go Fish with historical characters you’re studying

Ancient History Go Fish Game

Go Fish game featuring characters from ancient history

Modernity Flashcards

World History Go Fish Game

Go Fish game featuring characters from world history

American Presidents Flash Cards

American Presidents Flash Cards

Help your student memorize the US Presidents with pre-made flash cards

History Timeline

History Timeline Template

Build your own historical timeline for whatever time period you’re studying.

Biography Template

Clean and simple sheet for creating historical biographies

Lord's Prayer & Apostles Creed in Latin - Audio

Lords Prayer & Creeds in Latin

Improve your Latin student’s skills with ancient Christian creeds voiced in Latin by our very own Dwane Thomas

Cavalcade of America

Cavalcade of American History (12 Audio Volumes)

12 immersive and engaging audio stories, featuring historical dramatizations of American History and progress. These are true American hero tales featuring vintage music, intriguing interviews, and even Broadway & Hollywood adaptations.

Browse & DOWNLOAD Volumes

Society Vol. 1

Society Vol. 2

Exploration and Military, vol. 1

Exploration and Military, vol. 2

Science and Medicine, vol. 1

Science and Medicine, vol. 2

The Arts, vol. 1

The Arts, vol. 2

History, vol. 1

History, vol. 2

History, vol. 3

History, vol. 4

New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

Audio Entertainment Pack (12 Audio Volumes)

12 classic old-time audio dramas that offer stimulating entertainment without adding screen time.

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