help children be creative

Help Children Be Creative

Homeschooling gives you plenty of opportunity to be with your child to encourage him, it gives you the ability to control her time in order to protect her from squandering it; and it gives you the freedom to find mentors and guides as needed.

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5 Reasons to Study Logic

5 Reasons to Study Logic

Logic is a fundamentally important part of a good education. Logic is not an isolated, unimportant subject, but rather, it opens the door to being a helpful aid for many areas of study and of practical living.

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history election songs

American History Election Songs

A frequently untapped resource when it comes to studying American history, particularly political history, are the historical election songs written and distributed by various presidential candidates. In an era of

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visual latin tip

Visual Latin Course Tip!

Dwane frequently receives emails from Visual Latin families with questions on how to teach Latin. Especially once families reach lessons 11+. Dwane offers this valuable Visual Latin Course Tip …

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hands-on learning mapping

Photo Map Activity

Much research has been done showing that students learn more easily when there is a personal connection made between a lesson and their lives. What if you used your travels in your classroom AND had a creative way to display those memories?

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art of letter writing

Abigail Adams & The Art of Letter Writing

Abigail Adams was by no means unique to her time in that she practiced the art of letter writing, but because of her station in American history as First Lady, hers is one of the most easily accessible lives to examine when looking at the art of correspondence.

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Why is Economics So Confusing

What can bring clarity to economics? Start with God’s creation of the world.  This may seem like a curious place to begin talking about economics, but since everything started there, it actually provides the key to understanding this oft-confusing subject.

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Economics of John Calvin

Economics of John Calvin

Ask someone what the Economics of John Calvin has to do with free markets, and you’ll probably get a blank stare. Some might remember the phrase “Protestant work ethic” that

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