Visual Latin 2 facilitated

Visual Latin 2 Course Facilitation 2023-24

Our facilitated course is a new way to experience Visual Latin 2. It complements our self-paced course by adding the following benefits꞉

  • facilitator to answer student questions
  • schedule of lessons
  • Zoom discussions of lesson content
  • assistance with reading & translation
  • comments on submitted work
  • dashboard of completed assignments
  • notification of missing coursework
  • recordings to catch up


Use this service regardless of the format in which you purchased the curriculum—DVD, USB, digital or streaming. Facilitation for a course does not include the curriculum itself, which must be purchased separately.

Our facilitators are homeschoolers very familiar with our courses and instructors. They have set up a “flipped” classroom environment with multiple options for support.

How it Works

Students get access to a private discussion group on My Compass Classroom, where they will also have access to a list of assignments to complete as part of the curriculum.

Here’s the range of activities like from a student’s point of view:

  1. Watch the A, B & C video lessons from Visual Latin.
  2. Complete the worksheets for each video.
  3. Have a question? Ask in the group. (See example.)
  4. Participate in written discussions to reinforce each lesson. (See example.)
  5. Join Zooms with the facilitator about every other week. See schedule below.
  6. Practice your reading of Latin with the facilitator during the live Zooms.
  7. Mark assignments from the curriculum complete. (See example.)
  8. Upload select assignments for comment. (See example.)
  9. Review comments on uploaded work. (See example.)
  10. Parents can see assignment completions and comments and use them for marking grades. (See example.)


Zoom sessions will be 12:30 PM – 1:30 PM CST on Thursdays.

  • Week of Aug 14:Setup/Orientation
  • Week of Aug 21: Lesson 31 [Zoom on Aug 24 at 12:30PM CST]
  • Week of Aug 28: Lesson 32
  • Week of Sep 4: Lesson 33 [Zoom on Sep 7 at 12:30PM CST]
  • Week of Sep 11: Lesson 34
  • Week of Sep 18: Lesson 35 [Zoom on Sep 21 at 12:30PM CST]
  • Week of Sep 25: Lesson 36
  • Week of Oct 2: Lesson 37 [Zoom on Oct 5 at 12:30PM CST]
  • Week of Oct 9: Lesson 38
  • Week of Oct 16: Lesson 39 [Zoom on Oct 19 at 12:30PM CST]
  • Week of Oct 23: Lesson 40
  • Week of Oct 30: Lesson 41 [Zoom on Nov 2 at 12:30PM CST]
  • Week of Nov 6: Lesson 42
  • Week of Nov 13: Lesson 43 [Zoom on Nov 16 at 12:30PM CST]
  • Week of Nov 20: Thanksgiving Break
  • Week of Nov 27: Lesson 44
  • Week of Dec 4: Lesson 45 [Zoom on Dec 7 at 12:30PM CST]
  • Dec 11 – Jan 7: Christmas Break
  • Week of Jan 8: Review
  • Week of Jan 15: Lesson 46 [Zoom on Jan 18 at 12:30PM CST]
  • Week of Jan 22: Lesson 47
  • Week of Jan 29: Lesson 48 [Zoom on Feb 1 at 12:30PM CST]
  • Week of Feb 5: Lesson 49
  • Week of Feb 12: Lesson 50 [Zoom on Feb 15 at 12:30PM CST]
  • Week of Feb 19: Lesson 51
  • Week of Feb 26: Lesson 52 [Zoom on Feb 29 at 12:30PM CST]
  • Week of Mar 4: Spring Break
  • Week of Mar 11: Lesson 53
  • Week of Mar 18: Lesson 54 [Zoom on Mar 21 at 12:30PM CST]
  • Week of Mar 25: Easter Break
  • Week of Apr 1: Lesson 55
  • Week of Apr 8: Lesson 56 [Zoom on Apr 11 at 12:30PM CST]
  • Week of Apr 15: Lesson 57
  • Week of Apr 22: Lesson 58 [Zoom on Apr 25 at 12:30PM CST]
  • Week of Apr 29: Lesson 59
  • Week of May 6: Lesson 60 [Zoom on May 9 at 12:30PM CST]



Looking for more help this year? Facilitation is offered for the following courses:


Additional information




, ,


Designed to fulfill the credit of the self-paced course (sold separately).

Credit Amount


Resources, discussions, and meetings available from August 15 to June 15 (10 months).


– Moderated discussion group on
– Zoom meetings (optional)


What is included in a facilitated course?

  • Membership in a private discussion board where students can post questions at any time for a direct response.
  • Written discussions for each lesson in the curriculum, created by the facilitator on the discussion board.
  • Live bi-weekly Zoom discussions on lesson content led by a facilitator.
  • Online courseware with steps for all assignments in the curriculum. Students mark these complete or submit documents for review by a facilitator and grading by the parent.
  • Review of submitted coursework by the facilitator to make sure it meets the assignment guidelines.
  • Weekly reports of submitted assignments sent to parents.
  • Access to recordings of live discussions, Q&A sessions, project workshops, and other live webinar events.

For more details about facilitation for a specific course, click one of the subject tabs next to FAQ above.

What is the difference between a facilitator and a teacher?

We use the term facilitator because our teachers—Dwane, Dave, Jonathan, Kurt, etc.— still handle the instruction through their pre-recorded videos (sold separately). The facilitator, on the other hand, makes learning the content and walking through all the assignments easier.

Our facilitators are homeschoolers who have used the curriculum extensively themselves!

What if I have more than one student who wants to take a facilitated course?

Facilitation is priced per-student, per-course. So if you have two students who want to participate in the facilitated course for Devotional Biology, you would input a quantity of 2 when checking out. At early bird pricing, the cost would be $30 per month.


Is the curriculum included?

No, it is not. Curriculum videos and/or books must be purchased separately. Facilitation works with your new or existing curriculum purchase in any format—DVD, USB, download, or streaming.

How are assignments and grades handled?

Facilitation does not include grading of individual assignments, tests, or projects. Grading ultimately remains  the responsibility of the parent. However, the facilitator will review all submissions to make sure they meet the assignment guidelines and are ready for parent evaluation. All work submitted within our courseware is held for parent review, and will be scored on a pass-fail basis only. At any time, parents can contact the facilitator to adjust a score to reflect their assigned grade.

Can I begin facilitation after August?

You can begin facilitation at any time. While these courses are aligned with the academic year, there are two ways that you can use the available resources:

  1. The facilitator is able to help with any lesson in the curriculum, so your student can ask questions at any time in our private discussion boards.
  2. You will have access to all written discussions and recorded video meetings, project workshops, and help sessions conducted by the facilitator. You can catch up at a pace that works for your family.
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