Creation Science | From Genesis to the Grand Canyon

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An in-depth exploration of the fascinating world of creation science, created by the producer of Is Genesis History? Fulfill a high school non-lab science credit with a unique mixture of videos, readings, research, and apologetics from a Christian worldview.

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Created by the producer of Is Genesis History?, this series explains the science and scholarship within Genesis, as well as introduces the key scientists building the modern Creation-Flood model. Covers the following topics: geology, paleontology, biology, astronomy, archeology, philosophy of science, and much more.

The material includes a unique mixture of videos, essays, lectures, technical articles, and research projects. The series also provides excellent apologetic material in terms of support for Biblical creation.

Credit: 1 HS Science Credit (non lab-science)

The readings require purchasing these creation science books.

License: This product is licensed per family.  For group or coop usage, each family will need to purchase a subscription.

NOTE: This class has a few remaining quizzes and assessments to be added.

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  1. First Steps
  2. An Overview of Everything
  3. What is Science? Meet the Scientists and Scholars
  4. The Biblical Record
  5. Advanced Topics: Biblical Authority to Philosophy of Science
  6. The Cause of the Flood
  7. The Evidence for the Flood
  8. Catastrophes in the Past
  9. The Fossil Record – Part 1
  10. The Fossil Record – Part 2
  11. The Age of Things: Evidence for a Young Earth
  12. The Age of Things: Radioisotope Dating
  13. The Natural History of the Earth
  14. The Post–Flood Period
  15. Advanced Topics: Precambrian Rocks to Flood Boundaries
  16. Intelligent Design in Nature
  17. Created Kinds: Living Creatures
  18. Created Kinds: Humans
  19. Diversity, Design, & DNA
  20. A World of Beauty & Death
  21. Advanced Topics: Molecular Biology to Genomes
  22. The Design of the Earth & the Solar System
  23. Competing Cosmologies
  24. Advanced Topics: UFOs to Black Holes
  25. The Tower of Babel
  26. The Culture of Genesis
  27. The Church & Genesis
  28. Advanced Topics: Biblical Archeology to the Hebrew Alphabet

Lessons include some or all of the following steps in our Learning Management System:

  • Watch a video lesson
  • Read an essay
  • Complete a project or research
  • Go deeper with a scientific lecture or paper


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