Creation Science | From Genesis to the Grand Canyon

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An in-depth exploration of the fascinating world of creation science, created by the producer of Is Genesis History?


Created by the producer of Is Genesis History?, this series explains the science and scholarship within Genesis, as well as introduces the key scientists building the modern Creation-Flood model. Covers the following topics: geology, paleontology, biology, astronomy, archeology, philosophy of science, and much more.

The material includes a unique mixture of videos, essays, lectures, technical articles, and research projects. The series also provides excellent apologetic material in terms of support for Biblical creation.

Credit: 1 HS Science Credit (non lab-science)

NOTE: This class only has part of the lessons uploaded, with the rest being added in over the next month. You can start the class now since the remaining lessons will be added in before you need them.

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Thomas Purifoy, Jr.




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  1. First Steps
  2. An Overview of Everything
  3. What is Science? Meet the Scientists and Scholars
  4. The Biblical Record
  5. The Cause of the Flood
  6. The Evidence for the Flood
  7. The Fossil Record
  8. Studying Fossils
  9. The Age of Things
  10. Catastrophes in the Past
  11. The Natural History of the Earth

Lessons include some or all of the following steps in our Learning Management System:

  • Watch a video lesson
  • Read an essay
  • Complete a project or research
  • Go deeper with a scientific lecture or paper


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