History Songs

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Presidents: 10 Little Indians

44 Presidents Rap – If your student is older and thinks Ten Little Indians is a little below them, try turning the list of presidents into a jig or a rap.

Professional American Presidents – If your child is a bit precocious or you want them to learn more than just a list, try adding some historical background to the string of people or facts to give them a little more historical context.

First Five Presidents

Fifty States Rhyme – When in doubt, use RHYME! Songs that rhyme are remembered far more easily than even familiar tunes or songs with a beat. But if you combine rhyme, familiarity, and beat, your student is sure to learn and have a great time making music in the process!

Thanksgiving Song

American History Curriculum

Master storyteller Dave Raymond delivers a dynamic history of the United States. This homeschool curriculum has transformed thousands of Middle School and High School students.

Yours can be next!

More History & Culture Resources

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