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Christmas Economics: How Much Is Too Much?

Holiday Economics: How Much Is Too Much?

Is the holiday season a good time to contemplate the principles of economics? We think so! How will you spend your limited resources to be a good steward before God?

Teach Economics

10 Simple Ways to Teach Economics

Basic economics is actually pretty easy to understand if you put it in the right perspective. In other words, move it out of the world of abstract concepts and make it concrete.

God Like Economics

Does God Like Economics?

Does God like economics? When it comes to economics, one of the first missteps we make is not seeing God as someone who works. 


Why is Economics So Confusing

What can bring clarity to economics? Start with God’s creation of the world.  This may seem like a curious place to begin talking about economics, but since everything started there, it actually provides the key to understanding this oft-confusing subject.

Economics of John Calvin

Economics of John Calvin

Ask someone what the Economics of John Calvin has to do with free markets, and you’ll probably get a blank stare. Some might remember the phrase “Protestant work ethic” that […]