Modernity Stories

Modernity Stories

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Get comfy and listen to a collection of different broadcasts, historical addresses, speeches, and events from modern history.  This is a wonderful historical resource for your homeschool history study.  The audio files have been carefully selected, and students will experience radio from years ago.  Selections can be used to supplement the second semester of Dave Raymond’s Modernity course or as a standalone resource for your homeschool.


Compass Classroom is delighted to present Modernity Stories for use with Dave Raymond’s Modernity course or as a standalone resource for your homeschool.

These broadcasts, historical addresses, speeches and events originally aired on the radio. They vary in length and are ideal for use as background material for papers, aids to memory work, models for speeches and creative projects, and any other assignment which integrate elements of your student’s studies.

Included in this download:

  • Audio files organized by lesson of Dave Raymond’s Modernity
  • MP3 files tagged by lesson for use in iTunes or similar music database
  • Guide for use

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122 Stories



Access the materials at “Downloadable Products” in your Compass Classroom store account, and unzip the file to a location on your hard drive.

Once the files are unzipped, you can play the files directly on your computer. Alternatively, you can upload the files to any device which will play .mp3s. If you use iTunes or a similar music database program, you can drag the unzipped folders to the program icon and they will organize automatically by disc, which corresponds to lesson in the curriculum.

These audio files were obtained in the public domain and are provided as-is. If you have questions, get help at


Semester I (Lessons 1-13)

No audio files

Semester II (Lessons 14-26)

Lesson 14 The West and the Rest – Victorian Missions

Expedition to the South Pole (Ernest Shackleton) 1909
Sinking of the Titanic (Charles Lightoller) 1912

Lesson 15 The New Priesthood – Scientism and Darwinism

No audio files

Lesson 16 The Square Inch War – Kuyper and Wilson

West Point and Beyond (Dwight D. Eisenhower) 1915

Lesson 17 The Pity of War – World War I

With Our Boys at the Front (Edward Dwyer) 1915
The German Peril 1917
Address from France (General J.J. ‘Black Jack’ Pershing) 1918

Lesson 18 Domesticity Versus Tyranny – Versailles, Dictators, and America’s Roaring Twenties

Lincoln Day Proclamation (Calvin Coolidge) 1919
Flag Day Proclamation (Calvin Coolidge) 1919
Campaign Speech (Warren G. Harding) 1919
Equal Right (Calvin Coolidge) 1920
Law and Order (Calvin Coolidge) 1920
America’s Present Needs (Warren G. Harding) 1920
Disarmament Conference (Warren G. Harding) 1921
Speech On Taxes (Calvin Coolidge) 1924
Opening of Tut’s Tomb 1924
General Strike 1926
Lindbergh’s Return to U.S. (Calvin Coolidge) 1927

Lesson 19 Modern Art and the Death of Culture – Art and Architecture

No audio files

Lesson 20 I’ll Take My Stand – The Thirties

Story of My Flight (Amy Johnson) 1930
Campaign Speech (Herbert Hoover) 1932
Inaugural Address (FDR) 1933
Farewell to Baseball (Babe Ruth) 1935
Fiftieth Anniversary of the Statue of Liberty (FDR) 1936
Madison Square Garden Address (FDR) 1936
Second Inaugural Address (FDR) 1937
Hindenburg Disaster 1937
On the Future of Women in Flying (Amelia Earhart) 1937

Lesson 21 The Lost Generation – Literary Converts

No audio files

Lesson 22 The Wrath of Man – World War II

News of Hitler’s Demands 1939
News from Berlin (William Shirer) 1939
Commentary on Romania 1939
No Confidence Debate (Edward Murrow) 1940
Watching Trains Full of Evacuees 1940
On Blackout 1940
175 Aircraft Destroyed 1940
Minister for Home Security 1940
Address on U.S. Neutrality (Charles Lindbergh) 1941
Address (FDR) 1941
Washington Reaction to Pearl Harbor Attack 1941
Attack on Pearl Harbor 1941
Manila Attacked 1941.MP3
Analysis of Attack on Pearl Harbor and Manila 1941
Attempts to Call Honolulu 1941
Football Broadcast Interrupted by Pearl Harbor 1941
John Charles Daly Reports Pearl Harbor Attack 1941
MBS Interrupts Brooklyn Dodgers-NY Giants Game 1941
Honolulu KGU Radio Pearl Harbor 1941
Fiorello La Guardia on American Safety 1941
Bert Silan Reports Manila Bombing 1941
Introduction and FDR’s ‘Day of Infamy’ Speech 1941
BBC on Far East Attacks 1941
Ford Wilkins in Manila 1941
War Declaration 1941
KGU Honolulu Report 1941
Fireside Chat (FDR) 1941

Lesson 23 The Cross and Perseverance – World War II, Bonhoeffer, and Churchill

Winston Churchill War with Japan 1941
Churchill to Congress 1941
State of the Union (FDR) 1942
Battle of Midway Island 1942
Fulton Lewis 1942
Three Years of War (PM of Canada) 1942
Battle of Midway Island (Eyewitness Description) 1942
Bombing Run 1943
Fireside Chat (FDR) 1943
War Bond Plea (Orson Welles) 1943
Notre Dame Rings Freedom 1944
Plane Hits Empire State Building 1945
First Atomic Bomb Attack on Japan (Harry Truman) 1945
General Douglas Mac Arthur Speech 1945
Buchenwald 1945
Harry Truman Announces German Surrender 1945
A Just and Lasting Peace (Harry Truman) 1945
Ravensbruck Concentration Camp 1945
First Announcement of Hitlers Death 1945
Japan Surrenders 1945

Lesson 24 Personal Peace and Affluence – The Fifties

Roswell 1947
Inaugural Address (Truman) 1949
The Creation of NATO 1949
Old Soldiers (MacArthur) 1951
Address to Congress on Korea (MacArthur) 1951
Domino Theory (Eisenhower) 1953
Imperatives of Peace (Eisenhower) 1953
Fall of Dien Bien Phu (Dulles) 1954
Naming Names (Joseph McCarthy) 1954
The Fight Will Go On (Joseph McCarthy) 1954
Address to Congress (Casey Stengel) 1958
I Shall Go to Korea (Eisenhower) 1952

Lesson 25 The Great Divorce – The Sixties

Farewell Address (Eisenhower) 1960
Ask Not What Your Country Can Do For You (Kennedy) 1960
Inaugural Address (Kennedy) 1961
Space Program (Kennedy) 1961
Russian Missiles in Cuba (Adlai Stevenson) 1962
Birmingham Crisis (Kennedy) 1962
Kennedy Announces Civil Rights Bill 1963
Ich Bin Ein Berliner (Kennedy) 1963
Address to Civil Rights Marchers (MLK Jr.) 1963
Assassination of Kennedy (KBOX Radio Dallas) 1963
First Statement As President (LBJ) 1963
On Black Power (Malcolm X) 1964
On Signing of the Civil Rights Bill (LBJ) 1964
Escalating the Vietnam War (LBJ) 1964
We Will Not Surrender or Retreat (LBJ) 1965
America Wins the Wars (LBJ) 1965
Retreat from Vietnam Will Lead to WWIII (Nixon) 1966
Plenty of Dissenters (LBJ) 1967
Astronaut Frank Borman Christmas Greeting from Space 1968
Bombing Halt on North Vietnam (LBJ) 1968
RF Kennedy Announces MLK Jr.’s Assassination 1968
Campaign Speech (Nixon) 1968
Election Ad (Nixon) 1968
Senator William Fulbright on Division of Opinion on Vietnam 1968
Moon Landing (Armstrong) 1969
One Small Step for Man (Armstrong) 1969
US Withdrawal from Vietnam 1970
Helpless Giant (Nixon) 1970

Lesson 26 The West Like the Rest – The Seventies and the End of Modernity

Generation Gap (Spiro Agnew) 1970
Address to the Women of America (Gloria Steinem) 1971
Hubert Humphrey on Bombing Cambodia 1973
Richard Nixon on Releasing the Watergate Tapes 1973
Gerald Ford Pardons Nixon 1974
Inaugural Address (Ford) 1974
America’s Bicentennial (Ford) 1976
Democratic Convention Acceptance Speech (Carter) 1976
Elvis Dies 1977

Lesson 27 The Triumph of the West – The Fall of Communism and Postmodernity

No audio files


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