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Let your kids enjoy make-believe stories using the magic of radio in thirty-seven, 25 minute-long adaptations of literary classics and fairy tales, featuring children.


Compass Classroom is delighted to present Let’s Pretend for use with any literature course or as a standalone resource for your homeschool.

Let your children enjoy make-believe stories using the magic of radio in thirty-seven, 25 minute-long literary dramatizations. Enjoy award-winning adaptations of literary classics and fairy tales, featuring children!

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  • MP3 files tagged for use in iTunes or similar music database

Let’s Pretend was a series of live radio dramas existed in some form since 1928 as an award-winning show that ran until October 23, 1954.

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37 Dramatizations



Access the materials at “Downloadable Products” in your Compass Classroom store account, and unzip the file to a location on your hard drive.

Once the files are unzipped, you can play the files directly on your computer. Alternatively, you can upload the files to any device which will play .mp3s. If you use iTunes or a similar music database program, you can drag the unzipped folders to the program icon and they will organize automatically by disc, which corresponds to lesson in the curriculum.

These audio files were obtained in the public domain and are provided as-is. If you have questions, get help at https://www.compassclassroom.com/contact.

Episode List

Episode List

  1. Why the Sea is Salty, Originally broadcast 08/22/1942.
  2. The Little Mermaid, Originally broadcast 08/29/1942.
  3. The Elves and the Shoemaker, Originally broadcast 09/05/1942.
  4. The Water of Life, Originally broadcast 09/12/1942.
  5. Gigi and the Magic Ring, Originally broadcast 12/19/1942.
  6. The House of the World (Christmas Special), Originally broadcast 12/26/1942.
  7. King Midas and the Golden Touch, Originally broadcast 01/23/1943.
  8. Princess Moonbeam, Originally broadcast 03/20/1943.
  9. The Frog Prince, Originally broadcast 05/18/1946.
  10. The Story of Faithful John, Originally broadcast 08/10/1946.
  11. Jack and the Beanstalk, Originally broadcast 10/26/1946.
  12. Six Swans, Originally broadcast 06/07/1947.
  13. Bluebeard, Originally broadcast 06/21/1947.
  14. Brother and Sister, Originally broadcast 07/05/1947.
  15. The Brave Little Tailor, Originally broadcast 07/12/1947.
  16. Rapunzel, Originally broadcast 07/19/1947.
  17. The Chinese Nightingale, Originally broadcast 07/26/1947.
  18. The Youth Who Learned to Shiver and Shake, Originally broadcast 08/16/1947.
  19. Mell-A-Lot, Originally broadcast 08/23/1947.
  20. The Donkey, the Table, and the Stick, Originally broadcast 09/13/1947.
  21. The Enchanted Frog, Originally broadcast 09/20/1947.
  22. Cinderella, Originally broadcast 09/27/1947.
  23. The Princess and the Pea, Originally broadcast 04/03/1949.
  24. Snowdrop and the Seven Dwarves, Originally broadcast 04/16/1949.
  25. King Thrushbeard, Originally broadcast 06/21/1952.
  26. The White Cat, Originally broadcast 08/16/1952.
  27. One Eye Two Eyes Three Eyes, Originally broadcast 11/29/1952.
  28. ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas, Originally broadcast 12/20/1952.
  29. Ceres and Proserpina, Originally broadcast 11/28/1953.
  30. Robin Hood, Originally broadcast 01/09/1954.
  31. The Magic Cuckoo, Originally broadcast 04/10/1954.
  32. Beauty and the Beast, Originally broadcast 06/05/1954.
  33. Ondine, Originally broadcast 06/19/1954.
  34. Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves, Originally broadcast 09/04/1954.
  35. Dick Wittington and His Cat, Originally broadcast 09/25/1954.
  36. King Arthur, Originally broadcast 10/02/1954.
  37. Hansel and Gretel, Originally broadcast 10/09/1954.


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