Latin Readers

Latin Readers

Download three of the best classic Latin primers for your homeschool students to enjoy.  Each primer will enrich your Latin curriculum with historical tales. More will be added, so check back regularly.


One of the great things about Latin is that there are a lot of older Latin primers now in the public domain. We are in the process of sorting through their ranks to find some of the best and most useful for Visual Latin students. Check back regularly since we will be adding more titles to this list when we find them.
If you’ve already purchased this item, but we’ve added new titles since then, just login to your account and look under My Downloadable Products. The new items will be in your order.

Current Titles Available:

  • Cornelia – Mima Maxey (1933) : Cornelia is a fun Latin story about the adventures of a young girl living in the United Statees in the early 1900’s. The Latin becomes successively more difficult as the chapters progress (there are 40 short chapters in all). Read ‘The Author’s Forward’ to understand the method in writing the book, including some recommendations as to how to use it. Suggested questions for each chapter that can be used to write in Latin are included, as well as vocabulary lists that correspond to the chapters. (illustrated, 78pp, 1.3MB PDF)
  • A New Latin Primer – Mima Maxey & Majorie Fay (1933) : A New Latin Primer includes a series of 40 stories written in Latin that grow progressively more difficult. Stories range from older Roman stories to more modern tales. The primer also includes topics for writing stories in Latin based on what was read, dictation lessons that a parent can do with a child (the parent reads the sentence and the child writes it down), as well as vocabulary lists. (Illustrated, 138pp, 10.9M)
  • Ora Maritima – E.A. Sonnenschein (1908) – Ora Maritima is a story in simple Latin written by Sonnenschein during the reign of Queen Victoria. It is set near Dover during the school holidays – and the students take a day hike to a location thought to be Caesar’s landing place. The books is a gentle introduction to ideas contained in Caesar’s Gallic War, while providing a pleasant enough story in and of itself. (8 MB Zip file; Formats: PDF, ePub, Mobi)

PDFs can be read with the free Adobe Reader or other PDF reading software; ePubs require an ePub reader; Mobi’s can be read on Amazon Kindle. We recommend using an Apple iPad, Amazon Kindle, or other e-reader for ease of use.


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