Economics Films & Cartoons

Economics Films and Cartoons

Entertain your young economists with this collection of entertaining video downloads and keep economics from becoming “the dismal science!” For more information on why your homeschool student needs an Economics course, see our Economics for Everybody curriculum.


Enjoy some of the cartoons and films used in our Economics for Everybody series on their own.

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Access the materials at “Downloadable Products” in your Compass Classroom store account, and unzip the file to a location on your hard drive.

Once the files are unzipped, you can play the files directly on your computer. Alternatively, you can upload the files to any device which will play .mp4 video files. If you use iTunes or a similar movie database program, you can drag the unzipped folders to the program icon.

These video files were obtained in the public domain and are provided as-is. If you have questions, visit Compass Classroom’s support page.

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Video List

  1. Banks And Credits: A simple explanation of how banks work and provide credit. Note that it does not clearly outline the problems with fractional reserve banking.
  2. Going Places: A great picture of how entrepreneurs are rewarded for their ideas and hard work, as well as how society is rewarded by the quality goods, competition, and lower prices resulting from entrepreneurs.
  3. It’s Everybody’s Business: This little cartoon looks at how principles of personal liberty and private property combine with entrepreneurialism to grow the economy. It also shows how government intrusion is one of the biggest obstacles to positive growth.
  4. Make Mine Freedom: Shows what happens when the government takes control of the economy as it implements various stages of socialism instead of free enterprise. It also explains why America has been so wealthy for so long.
  5. Meet King Joe: Explains why capital accumulation is so important. This is one of the blessings God has bestowed on our country: that many generations before us worked, saved, and invested in order to build a nation that produces so much. You may find the comparison to China intriguing (as well as a bit dated and prejudiced). Just remember that this cartoon is over 60 years old. China was still recovering from WWII and Mao had only taken control of the country a year before. China was basically a poor, rural country. It wasn’t until the 1980’s that Deng began to push it toward markets in order to achieve some of the very things talked about in this video.
  6. The Treasury Story: An interesting look at how much the Treasury Department (and Federal Reserve Bank) had expanded by the late-60’s to include all sorts of governmental agencies and programs. Note how many people are working for the Treasury, and that was 50 years ago…
  7. Understanding The Dollar: A little vignette that shows how money works as a medium of exchange. It goes a bit into inflation and the purchasing power of the dollar, but does not explain all the reasons why purchasing power changes.


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