Grammar for Writers Corrections

Lessons & Quizzes

  • In the Schedule (weekly scope and sequence), Quiz 2.1 should be listed as Quiz 2.2. It is printed in the correct order, but needs its title changed. [Fixed in v5—look next to copyright date]
  • The answers for Quiz 1.13 do not match-up with the Quiz itself. [Fixed in v5]
    • Answer I is correct as-is.
    • Answer II is actually the answer for question IV.
    • Answer III is actually the answer for II
    • Answer IV is actually the answer for III
    • Answer V is actually the answer for IV
    • Answer VI is actually the answer for V. Also, question VI should be “Normally, I ENJOY gardening…” The answer should be D: It’s better as-is than with a change.
  • In Quiz 2.12, The answer choice to #2 is correct, but the reasoning was based on an earlier draft of the sentence. Replace “Since he is the object of the preposition at” with “Since he is the object of the verb had insulted.” [Fixed in v5]
  • Quiz 3.2B IX, D. Main Clause should be changed to answer option A.
  • Quiz 3.4 Answer Key XIII does not exist in the student quiz.

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