Another 5 Classic Films for Your Next Family Movie Night

Another 5 Classic Films for Your Next Family Movie Night

Here are 5 more classic films for your next family movie night if you enjoyed our previous blog post on the same subject. Each and every film is a personal favorite, and all of them are popular at sleepovers, kids movie nights, or if you just need to turn something on.

Father of the Bride (1950) – G

Spencer Tracy, Joan Bennett, Elizabeth Taylor, & Don Taylor in a promotional picture.

Most of you know the 1991 version of this film starring Steve Martin, but the original is just as fun as the remake.  The father is Spencer Tracy and the bride is a very young Elizabeth Taylor.  Even your smallest children will find this film entertaining.

This film is incredibly clean with nothing to be concerned about. 

You can rent the movie on Amazon.

It Happened One Night (1934) – PG

Starring Clark Gable and Claudette Colbert, this is one of the earliest films classified as a romantic-comedy (rom-com).  But that doesn’t mean it’s just another chick flick: it is exceptionally funny and sweet.  I guarantee the boys in your family will enjoy this just as much as your girls. (The same director, Frank Capra, directed It’s A Wonderful Life as well.)

There are a few flirtatious moments throughout the film.  In perhaps one of the most famous scenes, a woman shows some leg to get a ride while hitchhiking.  For more information, click here.

You can rent the movie on Amazon.

Chariots of Fire (1981) – PG (10+)

Another of my favorite films, Chariots of Fire is quite possibly the best and most accurate representation of what it means as a Christian to be in the world but not of it.  It relates the story of Eric Liddell and Harold Abrahams, two incredible runners who competed in the 1924 Olympics.  Liddell is a Scottish Christian and Abrahams’ a British Jew.  It is one of the most moving films I have ever seen.

Since the film takes place immediately after WWI, there is a brief shot at the beginning of the film showing a man who was badly gassed in the trenches.  It is not graphic but it might disturb younger children.  To read more, click here.

You can rent the movie on Amazon.

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To Catch a Thief (1955) – PG (11+)

This is arguably one of Alfred Hitchcock’s most well-made films, and is definitely in the top five most well-known.  Cary Grant is charming, Grace Kelly beautiful, and the story suspenseful.  This is one of my family’s favorites films.

This is is between PG and PG-13 because it is technically a thriller (although a tame one).  There is little violence (one scene does show a man who has drowned), so feel free to use your own judgement.  Click here to read to more about it.

You can rent the movie on Amazon or watch it for free if you have Amazon Prime.

Charade (1963) – PG-13

I came across this film a few years ago and after watching it, immediately put it at the top of my all-time favorite films.  Audrey Hepburn and Cary Grant team up to uncover why her husband was murdered in a thrilling and humorous murder mystery movie.

This is rated PG-13 since it is categorized as a thriller as well and shows how certain characters died (not graphically but it might disturb younger children).  One man is drowned in a bathtub and one suffocates in a plastic bag.  The final chase scene is incredibly suspenseful, but nothing bad happens.

You can rent the movie on Amazon or watch it for free if you have Amazon Prime.

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