Bible Comes Alive Album 5

Bible Comes Alive – Album 5

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Album 5 covers John 6 to Acts 25.


Album 5 covers John 6 to Acts 25. The set starts with Jesus and a Phoenician woman, and concludes with Paul on trial. Other Bible characters included in this album are Stephen, Peter, and Silas.

Format: 12 CDs (25 stories)
Each episode is about 30 minutes in length.



Track List
  1. The Power of a Mother’s Faith
  2. The Great Secret
  3. Encounters in Jerusalem
  4. The Man Who Lived Twice
  5. Citizens of Heaven
  6. Jesus and Mr. Too Short & Cheers for the King
  7. The Great Clash
  8. A Night To Remember
  9. Betrayed
  10. The Trial
  11. The Road to Skull Hill
  12. A Promise to Keep
  13. The Strange Case of Blind Bart
  14. The Believers
  15. The Cheaters
  16. The First Christian Martyr
  17. Saul of Tarsus
  18. Dangers at Damascus
  19. The Eloquent King
  20. The Man Who Turned Back
  21. At Philippi
  22. The Aged Paul Shipwrecked
  23. The Runaway Slave
  24. Paul and Nero


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