Bible Comes Alive Album 4

Bible Comes Alive – Album 4

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Album 4 covers Esther 5 to John 6.


Album 4 covers Esther 5 to John 6. The set starts with Esther saving her people, continues up through the story of Jonah, and concludes with Peter walking on water. Other Bible characters included in this album are Job, Nebuchadnezzar, Daniel, Nicodemus, the disciples, and John the Baptist.

Format: 12 CDs (24 stories)
Each episode is about 30 minutes in length.



Track List
  1. The Daring Act – Esther
  2. The Land of Uz
  3. The Charming Prince
  4. The Four Friends
  5. In the King’s Court
  6. The Fiery Affair at Dura
  7. Seven Years a Beast
  8. The Bloodless Hand
  9. The Lions and the Villains
  10. The Man Who Ran From God
  11. Mary of Nazareth
  12. Born Under a Star
  13. The King Grows Up
  14. A Voice in the Desert
  15. Journey to Jerusalem
  16. Happiness in Galilee
  17. Jesus the Healer
  18. Matthew’s Magnificent Party
  19. Troubled Waters
  20. Road to Happiness
  21. The Greatest Miracle
  22. Prisoner in a Dungeon
  23. Stormy Times
  24. A Boy’s Amazing Lunch & A Fisherman Who Couldn’t Swim


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