Bible Comes Alive Album 3

Bible Comes Alive – Album 3

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Album 3 covers 1 Samuel 23 to Esther 5.


Album 3 covers 1 Samuel 23 to Esther 5. The set starts with David’s journey to kingship, and concludes with the story of Esther. Other Bible characters included in this album are Mephibosheth, Bathsheba, Absalom, Adonijah, Solomon, Elijah, Ahab, Naaman, and Hezekiah.

Format: 12 CDs (27 stories)
Each episode is about 30 minutes in length.



Track List
  1. Midnight on the Hill of Hachilah & David Seeks a Home
  2. The Battle of Gilboa
  3. Surprise Attack
  4. The Coronation
  5. A Tunnel to Success
  6. The King and the Ark & The Crippled Prince
  7. A Prophecy Fulfilled
  8. David’s Great Sin and Repentance
  9. Absalom, The Rebellious Prince, Part One
  10. Absalom, The Rebellious Prince, Part Two
  11. A Victory Turned to Mourning & The Hermit and the King
  12. The Fourth Son of David
  13. The Last Days of David & The Three Transgressors
  14. The Wise King
  15. The Kingdom Divided
  16. And Then it Rained
  17. The Flying Chariot
  18. The Woman of Shunem
  19. The Captive Maid
  20. The Invisible Army
  21. The Mystery of the Disappearing Army
  22. The Mystery of the Backward Moving Sun
  23. The New Queen
  24. The Forgotten Reward


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