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Old Western Culture: The Romans is a full year of instruction which includes four units: The Aeneid, The HistoriansEarly Christianity, and Nicene Christianity.

Each unit can be studied individually as an elective. With over 20 hours of video with accompanying exercises and a robust reading load, The Romans offers students a complete literature and history course. The course is intended for high school aged students (14+), as well as for adult enrichment. It includes hundreds of classical paintings, maps, timelines, and more woven into the video lessons.

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1. Introduction to The Romans: Overview of Roman History, its importance to Old Western Culture, and a Survey of the books Covered in this series.

2. Introduction to the Aeneid: Vergil, Secondary Epic, and the Writing, Worldview, and Influence of the Aeneid.

3. Rome is an Idea (Aeneid Book I)

4. The Fall of Troy and The Wanderings of Aeneas (Aeneid Book II & III)

5. The Tragedy of Dido (Aeneid Book IV)

6. The Underworld (Aeneid Book V & VI)

7. The Broken Truce and the Shield of Aeneas (Aeneid Book VII & VIII)

8. The Tragedy of Nisus and Euryalos (Aeneid Book IX & X)

9. Camilla, Juno’s Surrender, and the Death of Turnus (Aeneid Book XI & XII)

10. Metamorphoses I

11. Metamorphoses II

12. The Epics of Lucretius, Lucan, and Statius


1. Livy I: Philosophy of history and the monarchy

2. Livy II: Beginning and Heroes of the Republic

3. Livy III: Threats to the Republic

4. Tacitus I: Philosophy of history and Tiberius

5. Tacitus II:Claudius

6. Tacitus III:Nero

7. Sallust: The Jugurthine War and the The Conspiracy of Catiline: The Republic in Decay

8. Julius Caesar: The Gallic wars

9. Plutarch’s Lives I: Demosthenes and Cicero

10. Plutarch’s Lives II: Alexander and Caesar

11. Cicero: Against Verres and Against Antony

12. Overview of The Historians


1. The Roman Background of Christianity

2. The Jewish Background of Christianity

3. The Didache

4. The First Letter of Clement

5. The Roman World in the Second and Third Centuries

6. Ignatius and Polycarp

7. The Apologists

8. Justin Martyr

9. Irenaeus

10. Clement of Alexandria and Origen

11. Eusebius I

12. Eusebius II


1. Constantine and The Council of Nicea

2. The Nicene and Post-Nicene Age

3. Athanasius’s On the Incarnation

4. Athanasius’s Life of Anthony

5. John Chrysostom

6. Augustine’s Confessions I

7. Augustine’s Confessions II

8. Augustine’s City of God I

9. Augustine’s City of God II

10. Augustine’s City of God III

11. Augustine’s City of God IV

12. Boethius and the Consolation of Philosophy

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