Spanish I (Lectures)

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Dwane Thomas, of Visual Latin and Word Up! fame, teaches kids to read and understand Spanish using an unusual and effective new approach.

1 Credit | Grades 7-12

Part of the Compass Lectures Series where expert teaches are filmed as they teach in an actual classroom. New videos and assignments will be loaded weekly. Any homework will be graded by students or parents.


From Dwane Thomas: “Years ago, I noticed the Hispanic students in my classes grasped Latin more rapidly than students who had never learned Spanish. Intrigued, I began teaching myself Spanish. In the process I discovered two things. First, I discovered Spanish was heavily dependent upon Latin. Second, I discovered that I really liked Spanish! Join me as we jump into this very popular language. During this class we will be focusing on Spanish grammar, the connections between Spanish and Latin, and reading.”

Our text will be All Spanish Method (1918) by Guillermo Hall, recommended by the author of my favorite Latin textbook, Lingua Latina per se illustrata. The link above allows you to download the textbook in various formats for computer, mobile device, or (selective) printing.

Download All Spanish Method for free.

License: This product is licensed for use by one family. Coop participants must purchase one subscription per family.

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