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Old Western Culture: Christendom is a full year of instruction which includes four units: Early Medievals, Defense of the Faith, The Medieval Mind, and The Reformation.

Each unit can be studied individually as an elective. With over 20 hours of video with accompanying exercises and a robust reading load, Christendom offers students a complete literature and history course. The course is intended for high school aged students (14+), as well as for adult enrichment. It includes hundreds of classical paintings, maps, timelines, and more woven into the video lessons.

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Wes Callihan




Lecture List For Early Medievals

1. Historical Overview of Christendom
2. Benedict’s Rule and Monasticism
3. Transition to the Middle Ages
4. Procopius and Gregory
5. Maximus the Confessor
6. Celtic Christians
7. Beowulf
8. Bede I: Early History of England
9. Bede II: The Coming of Christianity
10. Bede III: The Confirming of Christianity
11. Lives of Charlemagne and Alfred
12. John of Damascus

Lecture List For Defense of the Faith

1. Historical Overview of the High Middle Ages
2. Anselm’s Ontological Argument
3. Anselm’s Monologium 1
4. Anselm’s Monologium 2
5. Anselm’s Why God Became Man 1
6. Anselm’s Why God Became Man 2
7. History of the Kings of Britain 1
8. History of the Kings of Britain 2
9. The Golden Legend
10. Historical Overview of the Crusades
11. The Conquest of Constantinople
12. The Life of St. Louis

Lecture list for The Medieval Mind:

1. Introduction to The Medieval Mind
2. Aquinas’ Compendium I
3. Aquinas’ Compendium II
4. Aquinas’ Compendium III
5. Introduction to Dante
6. The Inferno I
7. The Inferno II
8. Purgatorio I
9. Purgatorio II
10. Paradiso I
11. Paradiso II
12. Conclusion

Lecture List for The Reformation:

1. Introduction to Renaissance and Reformation
2. Canterbury Tales 1
3. Canterbury Tales 2
4. Canterbury Tales 3
5. From Premodern to Modern Times
6. Predecessors to the Reformation
7. Luther and 16th Century Reform
8. International Calvinism
9. The Reformation in England
10. Spenser 1
11. Spenser 2
12. Spenser 3

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